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  1. General Talk
    Ok so the first honda day of the year is coming up April 11 & 12 at ATCO Raceway, NJ. i am from Queens, NYC. So if anyone is planning on going and want to meet up and possibly park together inside the show comment down below. I did apply for a VIP spot, don't know if ill get it considering that...
  2. Photography and Photoshop
    my second chop. still working on tire tread so i just go all black. im slowly learning. i only have cs2 so it sucks right now. orig. CHOP. paint, intercooler, lights, rims, chrome pillars, tint, headlight tint.
  3. General Talk
    looking at 03+ accords due to loving andys new car i stumbled upon this beauty i searched and didnt see a thread for VIP hondas. post em if you got em:tup: p.s. i know this scene is usually full of infiniti and lexus cars but im curious what honda's have been given the vip style.
1-3 of 4 Results