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  1. Members Rides
    Well i was bored last night so i went out and made a walk around vid of my car and took a driveby vid too. i should have more in the daytime tomorrow, but lemme know what you think so far i have a megan...
  2. Drag
    :wave:at strip,street racing,auto-x
  3. Canada
    OK SOO stress of the holiday season is over and i wanna see what kind of response i get for a winter meet from about a month from now mid feb early feb.. i have only been on this site for about 5 6 months but i have seen at least 6 7 canadian boys join since so i think its time, plus there isnt...
  4. Member Builds
    Undercoating the car. Hey everybody, The name is Oeve and I am from Belgium! The first car I bought was a 2003 civic coupe! I totaled it after 7000Km then got a new 04 facelift coupe from insurense. It went through some change by the years making it look like this. <Exterieur: - Magnesium...
  5. Videos & Other Media
    First is a vid about 5-6 months ago doing a 3d/4th gear pull with no boost control, the car wanted to go everywhere. Then a vid of me flying past paul on the hwy. Dyno vids on race gas. Vid of the car idling today, requested by steve...
  6. Drag
  7. Videos & Other Media
    Honestly just about everything that Derrick Comedy makes is hilarious. Heres the top 5 in my opinion. 1) Girls Are Not to be Trusted (Honestly this one ^^^ almost made me piss and I mean piss the first time I saw.) 2) Bro Rape: A Newsline Investigative Report (^^ ^Makes fun of to catch a...
  8. Off Topic Lounge some funny stuff right
  9. Videos & Other Media
    These are my buddies racing the touge. This is real touge. Enjoi~
  10. Videos & Other Media
    he posted up vids of us racing -_-. he shared so i might as well with you guys
1-10 of 12 Results