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  1. General Talk
    alright guys, wondering if anyone can help. ive so far gotten alot of quick help from you all, this time its a little weird one. so, i have so far managed to loose both of my master keys. while i was fooling around with my fog wiring, under dash, went out to pick up a screw driver, looked back...
  2. Electrical
    Would the amp power cable or rca cable cause interference with the antenna cable if zip tied together? I have them all bundled together and I can't catch my radio stations unless im within 2-4 miles from the station. So im asking which cable caused the interfernce because im am currently...
  3. Electrical
    Does anybody has the diagram for the Switch on the drivers and passenger side??? de diagram displaying what pins are what on the switch!! please!!! THanks!!
1-3 of 3 Results