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  1. Suspension
    tenzo r lowering springs... probably have them put on by end of may, or whenever john can do it for me! Thanks matt
  2. General Talk
    the box is for the grill i already put on the car all i need now in Robbclark's Neuspeed strut bar and a rear sway
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    You know you get to many packages when you sit and talk with your UPS guy...
  4. Events
    JDM Up's & Friends... is having a JDM Inspired car show just for you ! ! Free Admission ! 3 Trophy's will be given for the best of show JDM Car And yes boys.. there will be good looking models! JDM UP's will be looking for the most JDM Car out of the whole show. We will feature the Best of...
  5. Mechanical Problems
    i was wondering what is mostly done and needs to be done at these tune ups. im planing on doing my 30k soon im over due for it. help a em2 out =P
  6. General Talk
    So I bought a carbon fiber hood off of k20em2 and he shipped it a week ago. It hasn't gotten here yet and I haven't been able to get a straight answer out of UPS for a couple days. Well, today the lady told me that the last scan they had for it was on the 11th and that the shipper would have...
  7. Members Rides
    Not only did he make my day, but my tires as well.
1-8 of 8 Results