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  1. Suspension
    i was wondering if these were any good and whats the max on how much you can lower your car
  2. Suspension
    So I just installed these and figured it wouldn't hurt to document them for future reference. This installation was done on a sedan AKA ES1 Tools you'll need: 14mm deep socket flat head screw driver All steps go according to the pictures I've attached. STEP 1: You'll have to remove the...
  3. Suspension
    Looking to buy a tower bar but would like to know which will fit. Because have heard that some dont fit with aftermarket intake example: AEM short ram Megan Racing Neuspeed DC Sports And if you have other brands to suggest, please feel free to do so and any additional info on which is better...
  4. Suspension
    I was wondering if anyone on here has had any problem when it comes a cold air intake being in the way of installing a upper strut bar. My CAI looks as if it might be like a quarter to half and inch from hitting the hood when closed. LMN if u guys have had this problem before. Thanks.
  5. Suspension
    I read about what Skunk2 has to offer in terms of alignment kits which help when you lower your car. But my question is, do you always have to use some sort of adjustable upper arm or can you use OEM ones when you install a set of coilovers for example? Thanks
  6. General Talk
    Looking for a quick tips to get my grille off so i can paint it... I have 4 pressure screws on top (i remember) and what else? Tools to use? Let me know, I dont like walking out there, getting stuck, coming back, going out, etc.... Thanks guys!
1-6 of 6 Results