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  1. West
    hey if anyone wants the type RS lips for front 01-03 Models 2dr/4dr and RS rear lips for 01-03 4 models only have them for 40 bux plus tax picked up in the El Monte area or 60 bux shipped in the US. Their phone number is 626-279-6967. For further info PM me or post in this...
  2. Suspension
    Just came across these on corsport and realized i have never heard of them. Just wondering if anyone on here knew anything about them, or know anything of the company. I wasn't for sure if it was something worth buying, or if it was just another cookie cutter company...
  3. Suspension
    do the EP3 R type suspension struts, dampers, springs fit the em2????? or do i need to modify this as ive been told by a few people that it is and isn't possible?????
  4. Basic Performance
    i slapped on my header , eliminated the cat , knocked out the stock resonator and replaced the stock piping with 2.25 staraight to the rsx type s axel back . i cut it on and man it sounds beutiful ! just a nice " purr" Especially on cold ' idle.But then .. i noticed at like @ 4k rpm it starts to...
  5. Canada
    So, it was like around 16 degrees today and decided to wash the car and installed my front lip. My old Mugen style lip has a slight crack so I replaced it with the Type R kind. What do you guys think? Mugen or Type R? Mugen: Type R:
  6. General Talk
    I need opinions pleasee!
  7. South
    since my k20 blew i wont be painting the car anytime soon so imma sell my 2 items i have. ive had both items for about 6 months now and never put it on. i live in tampa, fl. wont ship items. i dont have the boxes. fla residents only. brand new vis racing mugen style cf front lip for 01-03...
  8. Videos & Other Media I saw this on Clubrsx thought it was funny edit: source-
  9. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    i want to get rsx suspension on my em2 will the tl type s rims fit on the rsx suspension??
  10. General Talk
    Has anyone got or seen a write up on how to retrofit a type r boot into the oem housing? I got one for christmas and its not the same shape as the stock one
  11. General Talk
    2005 hodna civic lxi from the Philippines. type r badges too? can someone explain. i know it might be a fake cuz you can slap badges on anything but ive never seen the kit so im curious if this is just a heavily modded lxi
  12. General Talk
    well i was thinking about getting some ebay Type A side skirts, anyone one have them? can ou keep mud guards on and have the side skirts on...
  13. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    Im looking to get tenzo type m wheels for the summer.Anyone here got them in 17s, pics would be much appreciated.
  14. Electrical
    Well, I have 9.5" LED flex strips under my footwells, and the driver side is fine, since under the dash is kinda high, but on the passenger side.. Alot of people accidentally kick them down. The double sided tape didnt hold well for too long, then I used sticky playdough like stuff, didn't work...
  15. General Talk
    99 00 type r lip might fit my 04 civic? Just screw it in or have to custom it?
  16. Members Rides
    I decided to go full is 1 wheel stripped and between grits...
  17. Swap and Forced Induction
    What do you guys think would be better, a K20A1 Type r Swap or Turbo? If i did the swap i would put anoth 2 g's into the motor, but am just wanting some opinions
  18. General Talk
    Im looking for a muffler like this, I don't like the "can" ones, I like the ones that actually have a muffler but I don't know what to type online because they all come up as the can looking ones. Im not looking for a brand name, Im looking for something cheap I don't mind how it sounds cuz I...
  19. Suspension
    Looking for ideas to what lower tie bar to rock on my car... I have narrowed it down to Skunk2 or a gunmetal megan racing so what is does everyone rock on there 7th gen?
1-19 of 42 Results