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  1. Dont know where to post?
    The last couple of months I noticed my driver door key lock has been difficult to turn, and the key sometimes will not go into key hole smooth - 8 years of turning a key I am sure takes it tool, but anyone ever have this issue? Gonna try 10-W40 spray and see what happens, Mn~
  2. Members Rides
    Happened about a week or go, I come out of school and walk up behind my car and notice that my hood is bent up on the drivers side. I go and look at the front.... Turns out that someone driving a pick-up truck backed up into me in the school parking lot. So i got in and tried to see if it was...
  3. General Talk
    i kind of want the lip to match the rest of my car. i know i have to primer, paint and clear, but i was wondering which paint is the best to use to match the rest of the car (i.e.)white primer? black primer? what brand of paint?, clear?
  4. Mechanical Problems
    hey im a ricer and i had my defroster on and thus the AC on and then I got cold and turned my heat all the way up and then there was this nasty burning smell. It's all gone now but did I damage anything?
  5. Electrical
    See subject. In doing my 04-05 conversion I have discovered that 01-03 Civics use different turn signal sockets and clips than 04-05 Civics. So I need to order new wiring pigtails but have no idea what ISO size they are be able to find them. Here's the socket in question. No I can't just swap...
  6. Mechanical Problems
    Sup People, Running into a little issue for a couple of weeks now, Everytime i make a turn right my car makes a wierd rubbing noise happens, sounds like its some what from the back, so i notice i was getting crazy camber wear on the two fronts tires, so i replace all 4 of tires with new one and...
  7. General Talk
    Well im finishing up wiht high school in a few days and things are looking up for me. This summer im getting my CDL and i started talking to a few trucking companies and starting out im going to be getting around $5000 a month. They also said that after a few years of doign this it could go up...
  8. Site FAQ & Guides
    To turn visitor messages on, go to your user CP, go to options, and then scroll down to the visitor messages box and click enable. :tup:
  9. Electrical
    I blacked out my 04 headlight some months ago. I realized afterward that my turn signals don't worth a penny during daylight! At night people can see it, but during day, you have to be very attentive to see them flash! Anything I can do to improove the visibility? (BTW I already kept the...
1-9 of 9 Results