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  1. Swap and Forced Induction
    Well, my friend and I was bored one rainy day and decided to take the bounce house blower and shove that in my intake. I deffinetly felt a gain. But yeah. Didnt take pics of me driving around with a bounce house blower hanging out of the engine bay >< But yeah I had to use the AC/DC converter to...
  2. General Talk
    whats up fellow turbo heads ...whats the best spark plugs for a turboed car ....:coolrr::tup:
  3. General Talk
    So i was wondering if i should save to be a turboed d17 or do the kswap the reason im asking is that i wanted some ppl opinions bc i would either do a fully built d17 with prolli dezod's turbo kit or do n/a kswap and leave it alone . the only upside to kswap is more dependable and not as...
  4. Videos & Other Media
    Hey guys. anyways im new so I hope this video can boost my rep. LOL get it BOOST my rep:) hmm ya that was lame. anyways I found this awesome video of a 7th gen. its not much but just listening to the blow off valve and turbo sounds amazing. enjoy -DJ...
1-4 of 4 Results