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  1. Member Builds
    [Original Post: 10/09/15] Will's Turbo EM2 Build INTRODUCTION Hey 7thgen :wave: my name is Will and I joined this forum a couple of years ago. This bone stock beauty is my project while I am in school, so it's a slow one. I have been through everything and back with this car, but I have always...
  2. Introduce Yourself
    Hi All, New here, all the way rom sunny Scotland and having bought an 01 Coupe - Em2 in November, got the Yule tide out the way and the festive financial burden now gone ... I'm ready to get mod'in. It's a stock model, 1.7 Vtec with 80K on the clock. Had a clean out with full service and...
  3. Member Builds
    Hey everyone. :wave: I just started piecing parts together for my boosted d17 build. This is my side project while going to college so its going to take a while and im hoping to be done in the 5 years that ill be at school. Before anyone says this is a waste of money blah blah blah - I don't...
  4. Swap and Forced Induction
    i just picked up a used HKS log manifold, just looking for a decent turbo for it... ive seen on the dezod site, garrett turbos go for like 900 new what would be a good used price and what site can i pick one up, ebay turbos are out of the question, thx for any input
  5. Swap and Forced Induction
    what do you guys think about the spa turbo kit? 2k for a semi complete kit, i think all you need is an intercooler. there website looks legit and its on ebay just want to kno your guys feedback on this thx
  6. Swap and Forced Induction
    so guys its finally happened. I came home from Lancaster speedway last night and was next to a bike. I forgot what kinda bike, but we did a little run and boom...there goes my exhaust side seal on my turbo...Huge clouds of blue smoke coming out the exhaust. It was so much that I was even...
  7. Member Builds
    See thread title. Engine mods: t3/t4 57 trim which is about to blow RC-750cc injectors HKS BOV and tail 38mm WG CX racing FMIC Dezod IC piping Dezod log mani Custom 'foos catch can 12" slimline fans Kpro with hondata 4bar map sensor AEM UEGO wideband 3" exhaust from dp back 3" dp is AC...
  8. Basic Performance
    I was looking at the ebay turbo kits. anyone use them and have good results? What would i need to use one of those without blowing my motor and killing my transmission?
  9. Swap and Forced Induction
    started to put my turbo in tonite, i mean get turbo mounted on manifold... but ran into a problem... my turbo hits the suppot from the top rad support to the bottom support.. do i cut this out? if anyone can help please do
  10. Swap and Forced Induction
    gt3582r shooting for 300whp, idk what it will make with the 250 shot direct port...
  11. Member Builds
    what i was done when i bought it, then blew it up ACT HDSS clutch ACT XACT flywheel REVO short shifter (RSX 5 spd) A'PEXi World Sport II cat-back exhaust Garrett .48 compression, .60 inlet T3/T4 turbo SF manifold SFP intercooler piping 38mm External TiAL WG w/dump tube Spearco intercooler GReddy...
  12. Swap and Forced Induction
    alright so i found a 7th gen jdm kit for 800 on ebay and idk what to do about this summer. jdm is a legit company but idk how they are with turbo kits. someone lemme know if you have any feedback or advice. thanks.
  13. Swap and Forced Induction
    alright so I'm beginning to look into getting a turbo kit for my civic and the other night i was surfing the net and came across one by jdm. The price was 800 and i know that jdm is a pretty legit company in many terms but I'm not exactly sure how they are in terms of turbo's. If anyone has...
  14. Swap and Forced Induction
    Do i need to do some engine internal work for turbos?? Heard of crower stage 2 turbo cams, but do i need it? Any other suggestions?
  15. Swap and Forced Induction
    hey guys new to the forum i am a tuner from ny i have a k24a1 turbo in a silver 2001 ex 03 cluster o3 tailights and back bumper 300whp 300ftlbs side skirts and front lip 15 inch tracklights and tein ss suspention i love this car also have built another d17 turbo in my town 8psi 230whp
  16. Member Builds
    My D17A2 03-Civic turbo thread (400whp - Bosch Dyno) Greetings! I started a thread like this one in, but felt like starting it here too, as many D17 projects are here and their informations are helping me a lot... My name is Renato, I'm from Brazil and I'm rebuilding my D17A2...
1-16 of 142 Results