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  1. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    Will a full size spare fit in the well under the trunk? lost 3 of 4 tires to nails driving down 195W... bought 4 new rubbers dont want to waste the perfectly good tire. thanks!
  2. West
    i want to trade someone my ssm oem wing and trunk for just a oem trunk, ill come to you in mid/so cal let me know, they are in perfect cond
  3. Electrical
    i just recently installed two 12'' kicker comps and i need to sound proof it immediately. does anyone know how many square feet of material i need? and from experience can anyone tell me of a good cheap brand to use. thank you
  4. Mechanical Problems
    Alright so for a while ive had sqeaking in my trunk and it started when I did my lowering springs a few months ago. Well I didnt mess with it and figured it'd go away once I put in my new struts, well it didnt and it's still there. It sounds like it's coming from my struts in my trunk. It...
  5. Mechanical Problems
    So my main rear lights work but the ones that are on my trunk do not and either does my license light. I did change the bulbs and they were blown, but nothing is working after I bought the new bulbs. I have an 04 4dr civic. Any ideas?
  6. Mechanical Problems
    so i cant open my trunk with the lever only by the key and i dont know how to fix it. the gas door opens fine. has this happen to anyone? and if so how did you fix it??
  7. Electrical
    Some of you may remember a few years back my was hit by a drunk driver in a hit and run. Yep, It was parked in front of my house and some time during the night a drunk bastard in a white cavalier hit my car then took off. Well my insurance paid me pretty good and I got the car fixed but never...
  8. General Talk
    so about a month ago i was driving down the free way and i hear a loud pop from my trunk, so i pulled over to see what happened. it turns out that the center braket the hold the spring bars in place got riped out of where it was welded.. and today the rattling of the two bars finally drove me...
  9. Electrical
    Post up the bump you have in your trunk. Time to show it off My girlfriends trunk in her tiburon My brothers in his cav(has all new mtx 7500s now) Mine just went into the shop today, get it back tuesday!!!
  10. Mechanical Problems
    So, like at least once a day, my trunk pops open for no reason. Most of the time, its from hitting a bump in the road, or something like that. If you open your trunk, and look on the bottom, there is a bent peice of metal that the trunk latch clips into. They are usually covered in rubber. Well...
  11. Canada
    Looking for a Spare Coupe trunk. Anyone have one? I'm going to try and shave the lisence plate. Any input?
  12. General Talk
    Right so if you don't use your trunk, just cut it out, it'll save you a bunch of weight! ;-) Tracy Sports thinks it's a good idea: I'll probably do this just for fun. Ha ha
  13. Members Rides
    Im sure alot of you have seen pics of my car with the really bad faded carbon fiber hood.. Well i decided to get this done with the hood and the trunk.. Im only getting charged 300 bucks which is a good deal.. Its gonna look sick.. Candy Clear Coat.. Thats Not A Part For My Car.. Thats just the...
  14. General Talk
    i was thinking about what our cars would look like with a trunk lip
  15. General Talk
    Hey guys I am thinking about getting one, does anyone have any recommendations as far as a good brand that they have been happy with? Thx
  16. Members Rides
    almost finished my trunk upgrade. still have a couple more things to do. its nothing much but i like it cause im used to an old stained carpet and cracked floor board. not bad for 20 bucks.
  17. General Talk
    Ok well i'm pretty sure my gf may have gotten me an OEM wing for my car as a Christmas present and i eventually plan on getting a CF trunk lid so i was just wondering if you guys thought an OEM wing would look good on a CF trunk or not, let me know what you think!
  18. General Talk
    Im going to buy a C/F trunk for my car and i was wondering what you guys think about me putting the factory spoiler on it, Good IDea or no i dont know if ill have problems after i drill it or it wont support the weight or something
  19. Detailing
    Hey guys. This is the first car I've owned that has a decent paint job. So, I'm trying to keep it looking good. I've done some reading about different products and methods, what not. My question: How do you clean your door jams / trunk jam without getting water all inside your car? I don't...
  20. General Talk
    i have a water leak coming in from this area. im guessing its the pressure vent but idk how it allows water to seep in. what can i do to remedy this problem?
1-20 of 39 Results