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  1. Other Cars
    I was digging thru pictures the other night and found these. We bought this truck in 1995 I think it was at an auction for $500 immediately sold a collectors plate off it for $50. Then started the rebuild. Unfortunately my mom always hated this truck and forced my dad to sell it in 2006. Damn...
  2. Off Topic Lounge
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    Some bad langauge. :smiley-rofl:
  4. Members Rides
    not my pics, so friggin hot, enjoy
  5. Photography and Photoshop
    my gf asked me what her car would look like dumped on some big rims. so i photoshopped it for her. let me know what you think. i think it looks ill. but not very practical.
  6. Members Rides
    Lowered front some more. Can't really tell in pictures but tuckin all around, planning on lowering rear just a little more. Lots of neg camber in rear, some neg camber in front :tup2:. Scrappin on everything, including the driveway and entrance to my garage and it's not even that high lol. Can...
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    Didn't wanna post this in the marketplace, so I put it here. I was hoping to sell this stuff locally but I'm getting no interest and it's really taking up room. Now that I no longer have the truck, I no longer need the following: -Brand new chrome Chevy grille with billet aluminum bowtie -...
  8. General Talk
    I just have to blow off some steam!! GRRRRRRR!!! so a truck blew out his tire way ahead of me leaving his tire in the middle of I-88 Friday morning. I was in the fast lane merging back into the middle and smacked right into it! FACK!! There was no way I could avoid it, I would have had to hit...
1-8 of 8 Results