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  1. Mechanical Problems
    I keep having this problem about my oil, every time when i change my oil, it will be right on the top hole of the oil stick where it belongs, but after a couple of days or weeks of driving without taking it to high RPMs or harsh driving, my oil will be below the first hole, what i meant is at...
  2. Basic Performance
    I need some help with cheap place for aftermarket downpipe. i got some headers 4-1 and i dont want to put on without new downpipe catback can wait but i think wiser to do header downpipe together then later do catback. So i need some place were i could find cheap downpipe with cat(so its legal)...
  3. Electrical
    i got 6*9 pioneers in the back and they're not working, all the wires r hooked up right and the conectors look fine, fuses r not blown, have no clue, the door speakers r working fine, any ideas???
  4. General Talk
    i went to the junk yard today looking for some steelies to run on. thing is, i know our pattern is 4x100 but thats not the whole measurment. i was wondering if anyone here knows the whole bolt pattern so i know what to get there. i saw a 240sx with 4, but i wasnt sure if it would fit. someone...
  5. Electrical
    ok well i got a new headunit (other one was stolen) and i got everything wired up nicely and the headunit wont turn on. also my power door locks and keyless entry wont work. i replaced the security and acc radio fuse. could it be any other fuse?
1-5 of 5 Results