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  2. General Talk
    Hey I got a 2004 Civic Si Sedan and on the rear door their is a piece of trim between the two panes of glass, I'm not sure what its called but its clearly marked in the photo below. Anyway the paint on it is bubbling near the top and bottom and I need to fix it but where it is bubbling its so...
  3. Interior
    This is a pretty simple DIY to add a more defined look to our civic's interior. Its also a nice custom alternative route instead of paying $80+ for the trim peices at the stealership. ***I have only completed the A/C vents, but will update painting the center/stereo trim on the weekend. I will...
  4. General Talk
    Hey guys, I wondering if anyone has ever bought one of those dash trim kits on ebay, if anyone has, do u like it, who did u buy it from, and do u have pics. thanks:werd:
  5. Detailing
    The little plastic trim piece under my grill popped out and it wont go back it. I pulled it out some to see if any clips or anything were out of line but they all seemed straight and fine. For some reason it wont pop all the way back in. Any help? or ideas? I tried to take some pics with my...
  6. Detailing
    Well my buddy somehow managed to do this when I loaned him my car for literally two days. He's gunna pay for it but I really don't know what the best course of action would be to fix this whether it be just taking to the body shop and have them look at it, or find a whole new piece. I just don't...
1-6 of 6 Results