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  1. Non-Auto Parts Section
    I'd rather have no spoiler. Want mine? Live in new England but flexible about meet up location. '04 red civic, good shape with minor scratches, will add pix later today.
  2. West
    I would really like to trade my wheels for some 04-05 fat fives. if anyone is interested hit m up. Wheels: Finalspeed A-Tech Gear-R, 16x7, 4x100, +42 one wheel has curb rash (pictured below) all others are mint Tires: Falken ziex912 205/55/16, about 60% tread on all I want these :x:
  3. General Talk
    Hey people today i think that i almost made a big mistake. i was about to trade my 04 coupe for a 96 hatch. when i was about to sign the papers i thought twice, took the papers and broke them in the guy's face. what would u have done? would you have given the trade a :tup: or a :tdn:?
  4. General Talk
    Hey guys need opinions. Just bought the wings west rear lip from this guy yesterday for a good price. I have the mugen front lip and rs sideskirts. Now he wants to trade me his areo sideskirts for mine. He's never put them on his car so there minty fresh still bubble wrapped. Should I trade???
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    Rule is simple... post in here if u want reps from me.. the thing is, u gotta rep me back... hence TRADE. u gotta check ur USER CP to see who had repped u, and just out of courtesy, give back the favor. GO GO GO.... :tup:
  6. General Talk
    i was talking to this guy at the gym, has 05 civic ex w fat five's he wants steelies cuz he also has rims, how much should i offer him on the trade (on top of my steelies, for his five's)
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    ok so this guy is selling a set of hfp rims and i offered him a trade of these wheels but he wants me to pay to have his tires unmounted and then mounted on the wheels im giving him. i love the hfp rims and i only paid 300 for these so you think its worth it? trade these plus mounting/unmounting...
  8. South
    hello I was wondering if anybody here from S.FL wants to trade headlights. cuz I want to get rid of my black housed ones for regular OEM ones or even cleared ones. so anyone wanna trade? ps.theres a pic of them in my sig
  9. General Talk
    i removed my hids and put the stock ones now. i was selling for but now im willing to trade someone. just list down what you would consider trading and lets do this =) btw they're 8000k ( blue )
  10. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    so what do you think trade my fat fives for these wheels yes or no even trade[/img]
1-10 of 10 Results