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    2003 Honda CBR 600RR 2600 miles GORGEOUS!!!! I've been wanting one of these for years. Now that I don't have the civic anymore, I could finally afford it, lol. All it has is a yoshi slip on, the rest is bone stock and will prolly stay that way.
  2. West
    For those who are meeting me, lets meet up at STARBUCKS in UNION LANDING Date: Sunday November 16, 2008 Location: STARBUCKS 32135 Union Landing Union City, CA 94587 Time: 10am SHARP PANDA WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IT IF YOU GUYS WOULD COME THRU!! hit up my cell (text only) if you will be...
  3. West
    Hey guys whos gonna go so we can see what time to meet up and where to meet up at. 3rd Annual Plus 1 & ATS Garage Toy Drive Sunday November 16th, 2008 11am-3pm (early bird parking only to pre-registered crews = 10am) (in case of rain, date will be moved to Nov 22nd) It's that time of the...
  4. Members Rides
    Just got it today!! now waiting for my hub lock, hub and quick release to come in the mail!!
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  6. General Talk
    Am wondering if any one knows where you can buy a 2001-2003 civic toy/diecast/model,etc.? I want to make a mini me.
  7. Members Rides
    got it from my co worker for cheap 2700 cheap lol 97 gti vr6 120xxx original miles on motor. gots an intake and full exhaust and a chip. thats about it. enjoi ps im selling my em2 to my parents and picking up an crx si so im making the em2 stock agian. so im going to have some nex full...
  8. Members Rides
    Picked this up like 2 weeks ago. 06 50th aniversary R1!! Awesome bike! I leave it in the house cause I have too much toys in the garage lol! took these with my gay camera phone.
1-8 of 8 Results