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  1. Suspension
    So I just installed these and figured it wouldn't hurt to document them for future reference. This installation was done on a sedan AKA ES1 Tools you'll need: 14mm deep socket flat head screw driver All steps go according to the pictures I've attached. STEP 1: You'll have to remove the...
  2. Suspension
    Looking to buy a tower bar but would like to know which will fit. Because have heard that some dont fit with aftermarket intake example: AEM short ram Megan Racing Neuspeed DC Sports And if you have other brands to suggest, please feel free to do so and any additional info on which is better...
  3. Suspension
    hey i have a quik ? pleaz dont bash.. simple ? will an rsx strut tower fit my em2.. found a good deal on a greddy strut bar and wanted to know if it would fit.. thanks
  4. Suspension
    OK so when i drive, and i hit bumps i hear a tapping noise. couldnt find it where it was coming from til today, i open the trunk and move the carpet and i see this.. how do i fix this? how bad is this?
  5. Suspension
    I just picked up a used generic front strut tower bar for my 04 em2 I tried to get this thing installed but because of the SRI pipe in the middle, one end wouldn't reach all the way down to the top hat section Does this mean that for our cars, it is impossible to have an aftermarket intake...
1-5 of 6 Results