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  1. Suspension
    What's up fellas, I messed up my top mount back when I threw the Eibachs in. The bearings came out, and I tried as best i could to clean them up and replace them, but this never works as easily as is sounds. I need to get a replacement top hat for the pass. side, it's starting to make a...
  2. Auto-X / Track / Road Course
    ANDY'S TOP TEN AUTOX DRIVING TIPS By Andy Hollis (Andy is a multiple National Solo Champion and an instructor for the Evolution Solo School) Originally posted on Miata.Net [Just got back from a weekend of teaching Evolution schools and thought I'd share some stuff that I must have said a...
  3. General Talk
    Hey Guys Came accross a wikid site -> has every episode of every season of Top Gear (and specials) and Fifth Gear as well I believe. All FLV's streaming on the site.
  4. Suspension
    i broke one of the screws for piece number 11. anyone want to suggest how to fix this issue?
  5. Suspension
    So today I went to install my sportline springs. Everything was going good until I took the pass side strut out. The top hat feel about and the little bearings all feel out. I put them back in and put it on...Now my car is making a weird clunking noise. I think its b/c of the top hat.. So I am...
  6. Canada
    Rank #1 goes to - Honda Civic 2000 Rank #2 goes to - Honda Civic 1999 Are you surprised? :werd:
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    Check this shit out.
  8. Suspension a ball bearing last time I installed springs, so now I need new ones. is 009 what I need?
  9. General Talk
  10. Site News & Feedback
    Is there any way we can get a link that shoots us back to the top of the page so that we can check other links. Scrolling to the top takes too long.
  11. Electrical
    can anyone give me idea's to help my car security 2003 LX civic i have an 2 way lcd alarm but i want more! shoot some idea's for me Plz thanks! :police:
  12. General Talk
    rag top em2 800 installed drop top miata loaded then save for hard top sell the civic + 4-5k
  13. General Talk
    ok i have a 2002 lx and it tops out at 120 i was wondering if anyone know's how to get rid of the top speed limiter or any ideas on it thanks.
  14. News and Announcements
    Do you guys like the avatar at the top of the nav bar?
  15. General Talk
    So I maxed out my car last night at 115mph. Stock 02 civic LX. Is there any way to make it have no speed gov? Like my 93 accord if you had the EX ecu you could hit 130in it.. since there was no speed gov. Yes i know driving fast is stupid. But thats becides the point. Anyone?
  16. Videos & Other Media
    This is huge. After many months, Top Gear is back!!!! Its very much like the previous seasons, except this first episode covers the crash Richard Hammond had at about 288 mph. In rare form, Clarkson was very kind to Hammond on the crash, and...
  17. Basic Performance
    so im going to get this intake system. i jus wanted to know if anyone has had this system or know any pros/cons about it.
  18. Electrical
    I need to get an optima yellow top battery, but i dont know which one to get. I tried to search the other site and nothing. So I know someone on here has to know. Thanks.
1-18 of 20 Results