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  1. General Talk
    On my drivers side quarter inside the tint has actually peeled, and on my drivers side inside it is starting to. Which is fing gay because Honda put a new tint on it when my parents bought it less than 2 years ago. :pisschair: Is there anyway I can slow the deteriation of the tint? Don't say...
  2. General Talk
    I want to smoke out my rears. I have read quiet alot about.. tint films.. precut high quality tint from places.. etc etc. I want more info on TINT SPRAYs. 1) I know there are not a whole lot of fans of Tint Spray, but if anyone used this before, can you comment on how durable this is and...
  3. General Talk
    I've decided to tint my car but i need suggestions on how dark or light i should go. i need pictures of black 04 em2s with tint and percentage of tint so i get a better idea. thanks! :D
  4. Detailing
  5. Members Rides
    So I got my taillight tint spray in and I'll be doing that this weekend. My question is: should I do the 3rd brakelight on the spoiler or leave it? I think I should it so it'll match, just thought I'd get other opinions.
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    Anyone ever get a ticket for window tint? I just got one today driving my girlfriends car. They pulled me over and had guns drawn at me and searched the car. You know what funny the guy ahead of me did a rolling stop and no cop went after him but i had tint so they go after me. On my civic I...
  7. Interior
    thanks to Punkingcivic Found here: Materials: Warm sunny day Tarp Large plastic garbage bag Undiluted Ammonia Windex (a glass cleaner) Paper towels Fine steel wool Razor blades Tips: The difficult thing about removing tint is that most film is constructed...
  8. General Talk
    hey guys do u know how to remove tint. im helping out a friend he wants new tint on his cuz the car he bought came with bubbled up tint. wat supplies do i need to remove tint on the rear and the passenger side windows?
  9. Members Rides
    im sure there has been a post somewhere down the line about this, but what is the easiest way to black out parts of the headlights?
  10. Members Rides
    does anyone know where i could get the vinyl tail light tint (50%) for a civic sedan 2001? I found headlight and coupe tailight tints in many internet stores, but not for 4door tail lights! thanks for help
  11. General Talk
    Looking for pictures of your civics with TINT. Tell me your %'s you have on your ride. Ill be getting 5% on the rear window and 35% on the sides. But I don't want it too light. Post your pictures! thanks
  12. General Talk
    I'm going to get my windows tinted finally as soon as I get paid. But I'm not sure how dark I want to get it. I want it to look good, so I was thinking of getting like 25-30% all around, but I live in Socal and the legal limit for the fronts is somewhere around 80% but the shop I'm getting it...
1-12 of 13 Results