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  1. For Sale/Trade
    Comptech 22mm Rear Sway ***SOLD!! Locally to 2005em2*** *New Extra Set* 01-03 2dr/4dr eyelids: *** SOLD!! to Vilex *** Skunk2 RSX 2002-2004 Tie End Rod(BNI*Bag*) - *** SOLD!! Locally to EP3 member *** 01-05 Tein S-Tech Springs *** SOLD!! Locally *** DC Sports Race Header 4-2-1 ~~***SOLD TO...
  2. Suspension
    while puttting my tein springs, i've managed to damage some of the threads from the bottom of the screw AND the tie rod separator was not as smooth as I had though.. the seperator actually cut a part of the tie rod end bushing (made a slit..). at this point, i'm thinking about just replacing the...
  3. Suspension
    so i turned the whole tie rod a few times accidently when i was trying to fix the tie rod end for my buddyclub rsd installation. im not sure how many times i turned the whole thing, but should it be a big problem i need to worry about?
  4. Suspension
    which tie bar set up is considered better ... progress tie/sway bar w/ dezod endlinks and function7 lca vs beaks lca brace w/skunk2 lca :dunno:
  5. Suspension
    no LCA, just progress tie bar. Thanks.
  6. Suspension
    Ok before i begin please do not flood my thread with "lower tie bar dont do shit except looks" "your newb negative 1point for you" lol I know the lower tie bar doesn't do anything without all other suspension components, but i got one for free and the look is dmn nice under there.Thanks for help...
  7. Suspension
    Tools Needed: Jack Jack Stands 17mm Socket Adjustable Wrench Breaker Bar (optional) Tie Rod End Separator (pickle fork, ball joint remover, etc) Lube Replacement Parts: 2 cotter pins Tie Rod Ends P/N: 53541-S5A-003 Tie Rod End Lock Nut P/N: 94030-10080 1. Loosen the lug nuts of the front...
  8. Mechanical Problems
    ...Whatz up guys.... well anyways i dropped my boys car today, but while putting the tie road back on the nut or tie road thread thingy was stripped, it kept on going round and round, it did not tighten or loosen, its just on like one thread... is this dangerous or can he ride for a while on...
  9. Suspension
    has anyone's tie rod bolt ever fallen off? i think my passenger tie rod is a little loose but i recently just gotten an alignment and dont have money to pay for another one. I only sorta hear noise when i have a passenger (which is very rare). any negative long term affect to this?
  10. General Talk
    so i was wondering if these help out at all..iheard they do, but i just thought id ask
  11. Suspension I have been looking at them for a while but Harlowe and a few others beat me to it. Does anybody know which one fits the 01-05 civic since they don't have one made for our car? Any info would be great.
  12. Suspension
    anyone have a tie bar only and not a sway bar? i was thinking of getting the progress tie bar, mostly for looks and statement (im a ricer) but don't want to go through the hassle of getting the adapter kit that might rub against my exhaust. thanks
  13. Suspension
    Looking for ideas to what lower tie bar to rock on my car... I have narrowed it down to Skunk2 or a gunmetal megan racing so what is does everyone rock on there 7th gen?
  14. Suspension
    Does anyone have an nrg innovative titanium strut bar, or know if it will bend or crack? Also what is a good tie bar to get? Would it even matter, I was thinking of getting a megan racing one.
  15. Suspension
    anyone running these?
  16. Suspension
    Just wanted to show you guys some mods that I just came up on. I hardly see any of these on your gens, but i see them all the time on older models. Lower control Arm Rear tie Bar
  17. Suspension
    do i need a rear upper strut bar if i have a lower rear tie bar already? i have my lower control arms by ksport already , i have my tenzo lower tie bar so i guess do i need an upper rear strut bar?
  18. Suspension
    If i replace a broken tie rod end, do I need an alignment?
  19. Suspension
    I was wondering if these would fit our cars? They only make it for the ep3s and dc5s.
1-19 of 21 Results