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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    So my roommate calls me this morning and tells "do you know why anyone would shit in our sink?" Obliviously my reaction was WTF, who shits in a sink. So for some reason unknown to myself and my roommates, someone came into our house this morning, and shit (or brought shit with them) in our...
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    Pictures speak louder than words, so follow the link. The Newest Trend Coming to Honda
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    Come. (Next person says the first thing they thought when they read that word then they say a word)
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    Not sure if this has been posted before. Ive had a girl bl0w me immediately after a 2hr basketball game (i musta smelled like the body of christ:laugh::face-icon-small-puk) Ive had a girl do ATM (google it if you dont know) Ive had a girl who would only let me PIITB(very wierd yr:coffee:)...
  5. General Talk
    so we head out for a drive today and there is this young 18 or 19 year guy in a stock em2 with wheels beside us staring at us for like 2 blocks we come up to a red light and he rear ends a budget rental car not hard but enough that the guy notices we cant stop laughing at him. we take off and at...
  6. Members Rides
    Well you all know the problems I've been having with the car. Well I think those are over now. Just in case they are not, I just bought Darius' EX head to swap out when it gets here. That'll fix those valves if they are bent (which I don't think they are) for sure! Plus I'd rather PnP the head...
  7. Electrical
    Moderators feel free to move this to the off-topic section but regardless of field, it is an electrical question. I'm an apprentice electrician and using various testers is part of the job. I've asked several co-workers but non of them know the answer. How does a non-contact voltage tester...
  8. Suspension
    i currently got H&R but recently a friend its selling Arospeed coilovers for $60 and he just used them for a week. what do you think?? just $60 for coilovers, sounds good to me, but its arospeed a good brand for suspension???
  9. General Talk
    has any one tried rocking the 04-05 hybrid spoiler lip on their coupe, because i was realy looking at the spoiler and i thought about it and it seems that it would look nice... LMK, if you have picture or know of anyone with it or if you guys think it'll look stupid
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1-10 of 11 Results