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  1. Suspension
    After looking at many forum post about suspension options I've noticed a couple things: First, prices have gone way up over the year and many of the former budget options are no longer much cheaper than the nicer stuff. The blues are not that much cheaper than the yellows for example. Second...
  2. Members Rides
    How can I stop my spring binding on my TEIN BASIS Coilovers? Greasing only goes for so long. I even put the silencer rubber on each spring (2 on each) from TEIN. I heard about thrust bearings, would it work? NEED HELP.
  3. Suspension
    Hey guys it's time for me to order a set of coil overs. I just have a couple questions about the tein coil overs. The supper street with pillow ball mounts are sick but a little high in price. Are they that much better than the Street advanced damper? Do they both have the same ride height...
  4. Suspension
    Have you guys found them low enough? (runnin steelies)
  5. Suspension
    i was wondering if these were any good and whats the max on how much you can lower your car
  6. Suspension
    So I picked these up used, and the rears have the bumpstop on 2 different ways. I checked the Tein website and it says to slide on the bumpstop, then washer, spacer, washer. Check my pic.. am I doin it right?
  7. Suspension
    Hey guys i have tein basic on my 02 lx. its great but i just want the front to go lower. I was plannin on taking out one of the locking spinning on the coil out to see if it goes lower. Has anyone ever tried this before? if so wat was the pro's and con's.. any input is appreciated. thanks
  8. Suspension
    Hello guys,i have a height problem with my tein coilovers and your opinion would help me a lot,so...the front left side is 8mm lower than front right,and the absorber hasn't any oil leak,may the spring lost its stiffness or the absorber left me for another world??? However i have adjusted only...
  9. Suspension
    ok a few weeks ago i got a set of tein ss for my stock suspension and i finally put them on only to find out that the front driver strut is a little messed up. the adjuster key broke inside the strut top and now i cant adjust it. i guess the guy that had them before me broke it. is there any way...
  10. Suspension
    hey guys, it looks that those allan screws on top of the pillowmount. does that mean that i dont need the front camber kit?
  11. Suspension
    Now that I've had enough criticism..... Let's cool it and call it a day.... Nobody is perfect and the main reason i joined this web is to get help and share info............ See what i'm talking about............ I know i need to lower my civic down .... I have two coilovers in mind.... One is...
  12. Suspension
    I need a little help deciding what suspension to get on my 03 em2 ex. Tein Super Street or Skunk 2 adjustable coilovers. I want better handling and a more comfortable ride of course on their website they say nothing but good things about both the price is alot different Tein at over a grand, and...
  13. Suspension
    Hey everyone, m looking to buy a set of tein ss coilovers from a local seller. the thing is that the model # is not on the tein website. also, will this fit all 01-05 civics??? i need to know before i purchase. thanks evryone
  14. General Talk
    does any one no if the tein hood damper for the 96-00 fit with are hoods? i like how they look and wasnt sure if they would fit since they dont make it for the em2.
  15. Suspension
    My ride has suddenly turned seriously soft over the past few weeks and I'm starting to hear squeeking noises from the front and rear whenever i go over speed bumps. The worse thing is the front and rear are both super bouncy when I press on them. Since day one, the ride height is 1.5 fingers in...
  16. Suspension
    i was thinkin of gettin the tein basic coilovers does any one know the quality of this cilovers is it stiff?
  17. Suspension
    so im lowered on tein basics, the front is stiff but the rear isnt at all, is there anyway i can make it stiffer, would control arms help?
1-17 of 40 Results