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  1. Dont know where to post?
    I just got some winjet led tail lights but they don't plug into the original light plugs:nono: please help with instuctions!! Any help will be appreciated My car 01 es1
  2. Introduce Yourself
    Female driven. 2001 Honda Civic coupe EX. Rallye Red EM2 Bought in 10/10 condition inside and 9/10 outside. Stages of Ruby's Life: Goodies added: OEM spoiler Black housing halo projectors w/5k hids(then taken off) tokico blue struts eibach sportline springs...
  3. Members Rides
    if any of you want 04-05 tails but cant afford it heres a good alternative. led too...
  4. General Talk
    any DFW people know where they can tint or smoke youre taillights to be honest i really dont know the exact word for it
  5. General Talk
    Im thinking about possibly picking up a set but i would love to actually see them on someones car first, if anyone has pics can they please post.
  6. General Talk
    So I got my 04 taillights in today. I went to put them in but they arent exactly the same as my 01's. The new ones only have 3 clips but the old ones have 4. what do I need to do to make these work?
  7. General Talk
    my taillights are tinted black with about 5-7 layers of VHT nightspray and 5 layers of clear coat. I wanna go back to stock so any ideas on how to do so ? without buying a new set ?
  8. General Talk
    got sick of how flashy chrome was. when i looked for them, they were the best looking chrome taillights out there, but over time the thought of "rice" was getting to me......used the spray-on NightShade to give them a tint. they are a little darker than i wanted, but it works. any thoughts?
  9. Members Rides
    Im starting to not like my cars looks more and more each day. The fart can bothers me the most at this moment. The no tint factor sucks balls too. I had 5 % but got a ticket for it recently. Anyway heres where she stands currently. Im haulting the exterior for now and moving to Forced Induction...
  10. General Talk
    like the subject said I got my taillights in today jdm black will pot pictures soon :grin:
1-10 of 10 Results