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  1. Members Rides
    Finally got me some 04-05 tails and put them on yesterday! i know the car is dirty and this is a cell phone pic but ill get more better pics when the rain is over!!! what do you think?
  2. General Talk
    I CANT FIND THEM :-( im looking for either 01-03 or 04-05 EDM taillights but cannot find them anywhere.... anyone know where I can get 'em? (i searched everywhere. :-(
  3. General Talk
    I was just looking @ their event calendar for 2009 and noticing alot of other forums are having meets here. Might be an idea for the future. Incase you are not familiar with it its in Deals Gap, NC. 318 curves 11 miles enough said lol.
  4. Electrical & Lighting
    this diy should take 10-30 mins, depending on experience. difficulty level is 1 out of 10. OVERVIEW the 04-05 honda civic tail lamps look much cooler and everyone wants them, but the size of the signal bulb is much smaller on the 04-05, as oppose to the 01-03. there are many ways this problem...
  5. Exterior
    Ok, I asked for some heads up on this one a little while back - thanks all for the tips, figured i would do a write up. Tools needed: Phillips head screwdriver 10mm. Socket 10mm Wrench 8mm. Deep Socket Pliers Clear Silicone Caulk Ok, first you will need to take down the carpet in the trunk...
  6. Electrical & Lighting
    So it looks like there's no guide here on how to replace your tail lights or to remove your rear bumper - which I discovered that to remove stock tail lights on the 03 Civic Sedan you had to remove the bumper cover. I'll try to keep this as simple as possible, the pictures I took should be easy...
  7. General Talk
    What's up everyone, My tail light is pretty saturated with water. I am not sure how this happened as I have had the rear quarter panel replaced but not even on this side. But none the less - my rear pass. side tail is pretty bad (see pic). I know I will have to pull this apart before it gets...
  8. Electrical
    So I finnally have the founds to replace my faded headlights and tail lights, Im just starting to work on the exterior of the car, you know trying to make it look good... anyways I dont want to spend a lot of money on these items since Im still saving for my turbo kit..but I found some...
  9. Electrical
    ok so I have am 01 em2 I swapped out for 04/05 tail lights now apparently my tail lights arent working idk why the wiring harness isnt recieving power? im assuming its a relay or something of that sort but I cant seem to figure it out. I ghetto rigged it so that the cornering lights from...
  10. General Talk
    Hello wonder if anyone can show me some nice sedan tail lights 01-03 and if anyone have found a nice and small/clean rear spoiler!? or is it nicer not to have one? why is it a ugly fog light in the bumper on Euro models? is it possible to hva foglight installed in the main light?
  11. Members Rides
    does anyone know where i could get the vinyl tail light tint (50%) for a civic sedan 2001? I found headlight and coupe tailight tints in many internet stores, but not for 4door tail lights! thanks for help
1-11 of 12 Results