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  1. General Talk
    Hey guys, I've decided that I'm going to get a cat delete exhaust system, but obviously there is still the O2 sensor there to worry about. I found a 'mini-cat' that you can buy that mimics the function of the factory cat, but is just a small thread-on honeycomb filter that threads onto the...
  2. Electrical
    Ok, I ordered the Alternator for the car from Ohio Generator today. 140 amps, warrantied for a year and comes with a sheet that shows the alternator will in fact produce and maintain 140 amps, no fake auto zone crap (sorry I work for Oreilly's). I will get pics as soon as I recieve it. Evidently...
  3. Canada
    gents, just wanted your opinion if i'm getting a good deal here.. - 6.5" morel dotech components = cad$400 - 12 kicker comp. 12" = cad$170 incl. box - sealed box - soundstream reference amp. 115W x 4 = cad$300 - wiring and install =cad$270 and if i got good name brands/equip... All i know is...
  4. General Talk
    Hey, i have saved up some money and plan on getting a system. what i want to get is two Alpine type S 12" subs. MRP-M1000 amp. and then speakers with head unit. My question is, will the mrp 1000 mono block amp sound good on two type s 12'' subs?
  5. Swap and Forced Induction
    What kind injectors and fuel pump would i have to get once i turbo my d17a1? Does anybody know?:pedobear:
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    I'll start: -Samsung 8series 46" lcd tv -Nad receivers (not mine, ill get a denon soon) -Bowers & Wilkins 604s3 front speakers -Bowers & Wilkins 602s2 rear speakers -Bowers & Wilkins lrc600s3 center
  7. Electrical
    So I deffinatly want to upgrade my charging system because now I'm having problems. Just want to know what is a alternator with a higher output and what is the strongest battery for lots of intense loads on the charging system. For example a sounds system and two sets of HID's, maybe A/C...
  8. Electrical
    Here is my system in my car all Infinity speakers with cadence amps. 600 watt rms @ 1 ohm on the one amp and 100 RMS x 4 @ 2 ohms on the other. The voltages are from different songs with the stock 70 amp alternator. I have upgraded everything but the Alternator, I guess im going to need to do...
  9. General Talk
    I have an 05 Civic EX SE, it came with keyless entry which has a Panic Button on the key chain. I am assuming it comes with an alarm system, but is my assumption correct? I do not see it listed in the manual or vehicle specs. If it does come with one, what should I look for and how do I test it?
  10. Basic Performance
    I'm looking to get an exhaust system for my 03 civic ex sedan. I was looking at the HKS hi power exhaust. Is that any good? Does anyone have skunk2 cat back? How is that setup like?
  11. Mechanical Problems
    So my cars running in the drive way rad cap off been running for about 30 40 mins now and i have the heat and fan on full blast in the car and the TEMP gauge isnt moving and fan isnt coming on... ANY HELP...
  12. Electrical
    Is anybody with the S.E(Special Edition) radio running a system? if so what adapters did you use?. I been considering a system but want to keep the factory radio.
  13. General Talk
    so i'm getting more and more annoyed with the large exhaust system i have on my car. I commute to richmond quite a bit and the hour drive drives me crazy because I can't hear myself think. How much would it cost to completely replace the exhaust system to factory specs? Also where is the best...
  14. Electrical
    Here are my plans for a stereo system, I am doing Infinity speakers which include 110 @ 4 ohm 6*9 kappa's, 60.9cs components run with a sundown sax-100.4d. I am then getting two 120.3 kappa perfect subs DVC 300 rms each @ 4 ohms run by a CADENCE TX-A750D wired for 1 ohm. What gauge wire do I...
  15. Electrical
    i want to shave my door handles, and get a pop lock system so i cant open it but i dont know what to get ?
  16. Electrical
    i just put subs and a amp in my car and now its like something it heating up and the music is gettin softer when the bass is stayin the same i dont know if i wired something up worng or what??????????????
  17. Basic Performance
    A year ago i hit an animal and my ac's been out ever since. what would it take to A: have it removed B: The proper fan/ac belt with one less pulley and c: will it produce any more power?? any insight??
  18. Mechanical Problems
    Alright, my Magnaflow came in, and i have been under my car for like 6 hours now.. I cannot get the bolts out that are through my cat and supposed to grab the resonator assembly. We tried heating them, and turning with vise grip, heating and banging with hammer, we are drilling, but it is...
  19. Members Rides
    I forgot to take front and back pics of my speakers but these are the ones i put in!
  20. Electrical
    I finally getting my new system put in my car tomarrow..this is the set up im going with! I wanted to do everything at once in stead on doing one thing at a time....beleave me its been killing me having all this stuff in my room for the last month! im gonna put before and hafter pics of...
1-20 of 31 Results