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    So me and Honda rules were talking about the circuit hero shift extender and how it cost way to much and how we could make our own for cheaper. Well here are the results. Here's mine total cost was around $7 Here Honda rules idk how much his total was. Here's the circuit hero one...
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    STATE WIDE MEET: Location: Houston, TX When: January 23, 2010 Time: Noon Meeting Spot: Studio 6 houston west (#6043) 1255 n hwy 6 Houston, TX, USA 77084 (i-10 at sr 6, exit #751) Phone: (281) 579-6959 Fax: (281) 579-2404 Events: Dinner at Diner 59 Roll Call: BenCronin04 (Ben) GentalGiant...
1-4 of 4 Results