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  1. General Talk
    just curious cause i put mine in today and wow they are rougher than i realized they would be. any body else feel like the car is falling apart at idle?
  2. Suspension
    k so just wondering where do the bump stop for coilovers suppose to be at the rear for tein basics. heres a ghetto diaghram, is it 1 or 2? cuz on the drivers side rear the bump stop is in the dust cover #2 and on the pasenger side rear its above the dust cover in the fender well of w/e #1. the...
  3. Suspension
    i know i have seen a post about this but i dont remember if it was on the old sever. so sorry in advance if this is a repost. but i just wanted to know what is the parts list to do this conversion what do i need from the dc5 to make my em2 have rear disc breaks and have 5 lug all around
  4. Suspension
    Will the bushings from an EP3 match close enough to the EM2 so that the majority of THIS kit can be utilized? More importantly are EP3 Springs Identical to the ones utilized on the EM2?:D
  5. Suspension
    Ok, so for those of you who don't know I am wetting myself in excitment because I Just picked up my D-Spec's and my tein HTech's are en route as we speak. Now I am wondering while I am In there , is there anything else I should be installing/replacing. I was looking through Energy...
  6. Suspension
    I can not decided on a good set up that is not coilovers i looked but found nothing. need feedback. I am thinking of the tockio blues and ebaich sportline with 17inch rims. What does everyone think on that?
  7. Mechanical Problems
    please read it all to completely understand my situation, thank you! so basically i installed a set of tein ss' coming from lowering springs. after my install, i threw up -1 camber in the front. over time, the left or driver side wheel would cave in and the camber would go as far as -3.1 and...
  8. Suspension
    I really hear my rear suspension when I go over bumps and stuff. I have a subs and an amp in my trunk and transport a lot of tools every day. At some times, I have enough stuff in there that I don't even have a two finger wheel gap in the rear. I'm wondering if there is any kind of lubrication...
  9. Suspension
    Hey guys. I'm kind of new to cars. I just started to hear about endlinks, antiroll bars, sway bar, etc. Can anyone clarify what is what because on some of the other car forums, they say that antiroll bar and sway bar are the same thing? And no one will tell me what endlinks are...and I figured...
  10. Suspension
    ok, so i wanna drop my ride a couple inches. I'd say about around 2. So i was wondering if i could maybe get a good setup for about 800-900?...nothing fancy, prob just basic..mostly for DD. Could i do it with that amount?
  11. Suspension
    well, here is the deal.... i bought some, and installed them, and they are a fantastic mod, but here is the kicker... i was going to do a DIY for this, but in my opinion, it simply is not possible to do at home.... here is a small list of tools needed to do this: 1 decent Impact wrench 1 air...
  12. Suspension
    The pictures below are of by buddies 1993 Civic Del Sol, as you can see, the front of the car is about an inch higher then the rear... Front driver and passenger side, good two - three inch gap between wheel and fender. Rear driver and passenger side, much smaller one - two inch gap between...
  13. Members Rides
    Product ID: 16.1111 Product Name: Motor Mount Inserts Honda Civic (non Si) Quantity: 1 Unit Price: $22.99 > > > Color : Black -------------------------- Product ID: 16.3116 Product Name: Front Control Arm Bushings 01-05 Honda / Acura Quantity: 1 Unit Price: $41.70 > > > In Stock in Black Only ...
  14. Videos & Other Media
    Idk if this is a repost, but damn talk about reducing body roll! new bose suspension its suppose to come out in 2009 in luxury cars
  15. Suspension
    are stock coupe shocks and springs and sedan shocks and springs the same? i know the difference with the 01-02 from the 03-05 with the 50mm and the 55mm... just want to verify before i sell my suspension
  16. Suspension
    I have my TEIN's laying around and my friend just got an EP3 and he wanted to know if the TEIN's will fit on his EP3... I'm not too sure, but i think the EP3 and DC5 Suspensions are pretty much the same and they will fit. But let me know other wise.... He want's to buy them and rebuild them...
  17. Suspension
    hey is anybody out there with a B&G setup?only springs or coilovers?i'm thinking about to buy springs from B&G but i need your experience and suggestions. if anybody have some pics of lowering it would be fine :dance005: greetz kev
  18. Suspension
    complete coilover kits or shock/strut/springs combos?? opinions?
  19. Suspension
    Hey guys, Sorry for the noobish question.:wave: What RSX Suspension parts fit EM2's? I know the Front, Rear, Lower Front, and Lower Rear Strut/Tie bars fit. But what else fits? Just cause I want to... :domo:
  20. Suspension
    About 2 years ago I had my 02 EX Coupe lowered on Tokico blues and H&R Pro kit. I'd be driving and when I hit a bump on the road, the front struts would bottom out. It began annoying me so I put my stock springs back on with the Tokico blues, rides great! but I want to lower it again because i'm...