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  1. Videos & Other Media check it out, supra steals the show, even though the race was between me and an n/a built h22
  2. General Talk
    I was day dreaming and was looking at some local "for sale" supras and this popped up...
  3. Off-Topic
    This thing is nasty, and the turbo spool on it is a beautiful sound i wish i could have one god damn.........
  4. General Talk
    Last night I noticed this online: It is Hulk Hogans' son who got in a crash with his insane Supra and it is totaled. I know a major car magazine i.e. Import Tuner or something like that covered it and from what I remember this car...
  5. Videos & Other Media
  6. Videos & Other Media click supra on left side then click film and there are the teasers, watch them both
1-6 of 6 Results