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  1. Mid Atlantic
    The meet at Tysons has been moved to the 10th due to weather. Post up if you're interested. 1. 02civicrider 2. Envy 3. Doctor 4. Curiouz_G 5. Bomerman19
  2. Canada
    Whos bored on easter sunday? Nothing to is over......I started to tear down my good old D17 my fat ass cat doesnt want to get out of bed.......lazy bastard Save the d-series! The glory all in shambles Auto Tranny - which is now forsale... :) The tear down...
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    On Sunday Brianna and I went shooting with some friends. So i took some pics and vids. Brianna shooting a Walther .22 Brianna shooting the AR15 from the hip Me shooting the SR70 Me shooting the 50cal Jen shooting the 50cal Jason shooting the 50cal Brianna shooting the 50 cal
  4. Introduce Yourself
    Hi, i'm new here on the board, i live across the waters (Small Belgium) I have a 04 coupe. Had my polyester times and shit, but that's all over :) Current setup: HP Racing 4-1 Header + catalic converter No-brand SRI SRS catback enough talking, here some pics ;) (clickable)...
  5. Members Rides
    Finally got my front lip and sideskirts on. also went and bought a new camera and made the short drive into downtown dallas for some pics. let me know what ya think :tup:
  6. Members Rides
    I decided to wax my car last night and take a small little drive today to get some new pics. +1 me if you like it. :dance005:
  7. General Talk
    Ill just post pics instead of slideshow Woke up picked up my friend and we met up with the group and did a little cruise(sodona az) then had a meet then cruise back. fun day
  8. West
    ok to you all in norcal that feels like coming down to vallejo area, bbq at my house in the late afternoon. so all you norcal homies and homegirls can come through. but heres the catch...each person coming through my front door will have to take a shot of holy water(ahem....151....ahem) to...
  9. Members Rides
    bored as hell today so we got together and went for a cruise and i just happen to have the camera in my glove box. beautiful day for a shoot...enjoy. Emtoot we need you so we can make it 3! [
  10. Mid West
    Sunday April 13, 2008!! 2PM @ Hooters at Schaumburg!!!... Events could lead well into the night if you are of age... I'll be bringing out the dd or possibly something else...just to get together...i havent seen some of you in a while i.e zack/rein/josh... COME ON OUT!! Weather is lookin good...
  11. Events
    know its a little late but... Just in case someone was interested..
  12. Canada
    Hey everyone, I know this site isnt what it use to be and a lot of members are now in-active or have moved on to other types of cars. But lets see if we can get atleast 10 cars and get a meet going for this season. When: Sunday May 4th 2008 Where: TBA - Maybe Kennedy Commons - Tim Hortons 1...
  13. Mid Atlantic
    ok so i had a few people ask about auto-x and wanted to try it out and looking into the schedule there is a north jersey run in englishtown the 14th. you have to register before or at the track and need a helmit and only pay 40 bucks for a good 7 runs on the course. its deff an experience and...
1-13 of 13 Results