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  1. West
    After work went with my Dad to Davis airport cause we heard there were some old WWII planes. When we were there he saw a friend who showed his bosses new airplane and Bonneville car and rat rod. All pictures are taken with phone sry. Race planes...
  2. Suspension
    I was just wondering if anyone was interested in finding motion ratios, wheel rates, sf for our cars??
  3. Members Rides
    Well, I was driving down the road one day and I hit something like a bump or something and it hit my exhaust, and well when i was passing someone up I heard a loud as exhaust sound, Im like WTF that's not my vtec! lmao and I knew what it was right away.. sadly my downpipe broke away from my...
  4. Members Rides
    well today i finally decided to go to majestichonda (3 hrs away) and pick up my rear lip. i got it for $220 painted so thats why i traveled so far to get it. heres a couple pics. since i got hit a couple weeks ago im waiting to get my new rear bumper to put it on. also cant wait till it gets...
  5. Swap and Forced Induction
    We'll everything fixed. Full A2 is now in. Running good. Vid/pics on page 20. Thanks everyone for the help. Reallllly appreciated!! _________________________________________________ well the kpro issues have been fixed. Since the day thats been fixed i ran into some other problems. spark...
  6. General Talk
    I bought some weathertech side window deflectors and I really like how they look and function. I dont have pictures yet but I will definitely post some up once I take them. For those who have them though I have a question. Do you guys have any problem when rolling up the windows. ny nake a...
  7. West
    everything is free + shipping. locals + pickups get dibs. please read description carefully for info. pictures will be added, eventually... AVAILABLE 1. oem rsx rear camber kit 2. oem 4-lug spare wheel w/ tire 3. oem 01-03 2dr civic tail lights - tiny chip, but easy fix 4. oem manual shifter...
  8. Mid West
    no pics at the time but here are a list of few things I'm selling Evotion lowering springs - 1.5 drop (60 bucks obo) Progress lowering springs - 1.75 [paint comming off] (50 bucks obo) Stock springs (50 bucks obo) Stock 04-05 grille [no "H" emblem] (20 bucks obo) Radio Bezel [it was painted...
  9. General Talk
    well today i sold my stock em2 seats with side airbags, a set of wheels, a pair of head lights, some mud flaps, and some passwordjdm strut bars for a dc2. so what should i buy next. im wanting to do a little more on my suspension but im stuck on what to do next. Ive got neuspeed race springs and...
  10. Electrical
    hey i have HIDs, 750 watt amp, and now I want to add some ricer LED lights, is that too much for my battery? if I have to get my battery recharged for any reason or charge someone else's car, do i have to remove the HID, amp connections before I hook the cable up?
  11. General Talk baller to the max. wish i had the cash for both of those
  12. Videos & Other Media :laugh2: :laugh2:
  13. Off Topic Lounge
    even though ps3 and xbl cant play together, lets share your ranks and funny stuff that happened in the game you were in. and what is your highest score? here are mines... highest score i got was 135 kills 42 deaths in shipment 90 something kills 20 deaths in crash i completed 8 different...
  14. Mid West
    oh well here we go.. i will probably get some bitching from adam saying that im gay.. but o well tokiko hp shocks (used for a year, currently on but will remove as soon as there is a buyer) shoot me an offer (+shipping for non local buyers) h&r lowering springs-(best offer) gunmetal painted...
  15. Members Rides
    32" Wesintinghouse LCD HDTV, normally $799 got it on sale for $ is amazing!! 20% tint, still streaky since it has only been on the car for about an hour or two
  16. Members Rides
    Just got these in today. Boost Controller, Gauge Pod, and Injectors will be here either tomorrow or next week.
  17. North East
    Hey Peeps... So... I used to be quite active. I used to host meets every other week. There used to be a pretty good turnout. Then it kinda got infrequent. Actually, then it kinda got away from cars and we got together to party instead... hehe... Anyway, I'm getting in the mood for working on...
1-18 of 21 Results