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  1. Members Rides,6001.html Need some help. Posting here for a quicker response. Heard these are good to put on my TEIN Basis Coilovers to help with the binding/clunking issue. It comes with the Bearing and 2 washers for each Coil. My...
  2. Suspension
    I've been trying to find what everyone really recommends for suspension, but everything is so scatterd: From what I can gather, I am leaning towards tokico d-spec's with eibach sportlines, w/ksport advanced pillowmounts I was originally looking at the d-spec kit with Tokico springs with...
  3. Suspension
    i Have a 05 ex spec. ed. civic and aem short ram... im wondering if dc sprts strut bar wont hit my intake if i install it.. i see neuspeed bars fit but i want dc if not ill go for neuspeed i guess... i need help guys... any suggestion will be great guys ty Pani
  4. Suspension
    02 civic lx coupe rear struts so im trying to get my springs on and went to remove the strut, everything was going good till i get to this bolt on the bottom pic for reference\/ it takes a 17mm i tried the opposide side and it went fairly easy, i've been pounding on this thing for over half...
  5. Suspension
    So I just installed these and figured it wouldn't hurt to document them for future reference. This installation was done on a sedan AKA ES1 Tools you'll need: 14mm deep socket flat head screw driver All steps go according to the pictures I've attached. STEP 1: You'll have to remove the...
  6. Suspension
    Looking to buy a tower bar but would like to know which will fit. Because have heard that some dont fit with aftermarket intake example: AEM short ram Megan Racing Neuspeed DC Sports And if you have other brands to suggest, please feel free to do so and any additional info on which is better...
  7. Members Rides
    I wanted to pink camo but i talked myself out of buying the paint yesterday.......maybe ssm? or is it just pointless since no one will see it???:dunno:
  8. Suspension
    So will it. I know the rsx will fit but i'm wondering about the ep3. i'm running ep3 AC lines on my swap and need a bar that will clear them.
  9. Suspension
    Ok guys...So i got my front springs installed and was working on the back. But I was unable to get the 17mm bolt off the bottom of the I took it to a shop to have them do it, and they said they got the bolt to come loose. but than it was just turning with the bushing. They told me they...
  10. General Talk
    I saw this on Rollen01's engine bay, and he says he got it from Nopi for $32. So I went to the Nopi site and here are the ones for our cars: Now which one is it? I've got an intake exactly like that, and if I can get a bar that goes around it for $32...
  11. Suspension
    Alright this may be a stupid question but I have to ask. If I was to make a strut mount or tophat kind of like the ground control one would I be able to run a shock that is only rated for a 1.5" drop on a 2" drop or lower? Or would I be able to run stock shock? Another thing I am not sure...
  12. General Talk
    Does anyone know where I can get a DC sports strut bar?
  13. Suspension
    hey i have a quik ? pleaz dont bash.. simple ? will an rsx strut tower fit my em2.. found a good deal on a greddy strut bar and wanted to know if it would fit.. thanks
  14. Suspension
    Hey guys, I got a lot of questions that I need answering so bear with me here :hs: I drive a Civic EX, bought used about 10,000 some miles ago, and noticed the previous driver installed Toxico HP shocks/struts all around. I figured this would probably make the suspension firm, especially in...
  15. Members Rides
    Finally got the strut bar in after notching out the hood...Dremel FTW! Notch out of hood
  16. Suspension
    I recently purchased a DC Sports CS-2 Front Strut Bar. Installed it yesterday only to find out that my hood would not shut. Does anyone have this strut bar installed so I can figure out where I need to notch the hood at? OEM hood btw.
  17. Suspension
    I would like to know if the rear strut bar is a worthwhile installation. Iam the CarKing!lol and reconize any type of suspension upgrade especially stiffing up suspension and body to get power down and better control is a plus. -yet ive heard that installion of the rear strut bar is not even...
  18. Basic Performance
    I love this site and all u guys/girls on it. But the first largest problem with moding our civic doesnt even have a thread on it, and that is how our stupid intake manifold makes it impossible to have strut bar with aftermarket intake. so my question is" What sturt bars work with aftermarket...
1-18 of 46 Results