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  1. General Talk
    I have have recently started doing some mods On my 02 civic coupe. I put some em2 Leather seats in the back And dc5 leather seats in the front. I’m looking to swap the steering wheel out and I’d like to put an s2k steering wheel but I was wondering if anyone could give me some more details on...
  2. Introduce Yourself
    Just Limo tint and a pioneer blue tooth stereo. Revo version 2 Short throw, shifter cable bushings and LED lights to replace bulbs(all over, inside and out, except headlamps) on the way, Then just keepin it clean and running as good as possible...165K+ mileage
  3. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    Does anyone have their car lowered on the 15 spoke '05 rims? I've yet to see it on anyone on this site and I was jw if anyone has it or knows of any pictures of it?:coffee:
  4. Electrical
    I've been looking for a decent price on these forever now and I found what looks to be a good site. Best price i've found so far at least for new ones. All around good for basic stock parts in general it seems although I havent bought from them yet...
  5. Basic Performance
    Got a Quick question, yes I did research but did not find anything: I have a 05 ES1 (LX Sedan). - Thinking of getting an K&N Filter for my stock intake, I need to know if there will be any sound changes like having an aftermarket intake of AEM/Injen etc... - And K&N states it's reusable...
  6. Basic Performance
    Hey whats up? I need know how I can get my stock 05 civic Coupe atleast over the 200hp mark, without turbo, supercharger, and engine swap.
  7. Swap and Forced Induction
    Can I run a stock rsx catback on my k20z3 motor swap on my Em2? Im looking for the quietest catback setup i can have on my car. Any ideas?
  8. Suspension
  9. General Talk
    Ok as some of you know the stock cam gear has no mark for TDC, so i was wanting to see if any of you knew how i can find out which tooth it is? Any info will help
  10. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    Hi I bought a 2002 EX that has 17 inch MSR Rims with Falken Ziex ZE-912 tires and 4-7 spline locked lugs on it. I hate hate hate the way it drives and I want to go back to stock rims and tires- I really don't care about my car being tricked out, I would rather it drive smooth without feeling...
  11. Swap and Forced Induction
    Is it pointless to do this? and will it work? Pistons are 75mm bore. Just wondering because I can get a set for $100 new.
  12. Members Rides
    that's all i have... didn't have time to edit the photos.. do with it as you please yes i know im all stock need drop blah blah.. im poor and in high school
  13. Basic Performance
    so i have finally come to the conclusion that my 2 inch exhaust with no resonator and hks axleback sounds like complete ass and im gonna put stock piping back on with a flowmaster resonator on. So my question what is the stock exhaust piping size from the cat to the axle. and does anyone have a...
  14. Off Topic Lounge
    so i found this site where you can make up fake profiles and invest fake money in the real stock market to see what happens im currently down so i erased all my portfolios and started new. damn depression.
  15. Videos & Other Media :dance:
  16. Suspension
    Hello everyone, I have a few questions for you guys. I'm looking to buy a set of H&R Sport Springs for my 02 Civic Coupe, but I have a few concerns. First off, they advertise that they lower your car 1.3". Would that be enough so that I wouldnt have to replace my stock struts? Would that...
  17. Off Topic Lounge
    Price of stamps goes up .02 cents in May
  18. General Talk
    so after a year of my ears practically bleeding, i have taken off the ginormous exhaust off my car, and went back to stock. man it's amazing. i feel like the car is a bit quicker now, am i wrong to think that, or is it true that oem exhaust is better than aftermarket lame fart cans
  19. Electrical
    for an 01 coupe? would a replacement 6 by 9 at 74mm fit? and whered u guys put ur crossovers for the front speakers and tweeters? glove box?
  20. Suspension
    Well Sniperscout was working on my car today lol and He saw my front sway bar and how large it was. his 04 front sway bar is a baby compared to mine is mine stock? does 01 civics have larger sways then 04?
1-20 of 56 Results