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  1. Mechanical Problems
    Hello. I have a 04 sedan with 1.6 engine. The power steering is electrical on this one. Whenever my speed exceeds 40kmh or something like that, the steering becomes extremely stiff and stucky. It's like it's notched. At low speeds it works like a charm, albeit a clicking sound that seems to be...
  2. Mechanical Problems
    I did some searching and couldn't seem to find the same problem I'm having. When I turn left or right at slow speeds (less than 10mph) there is a groan (it's a weird noise, hard to describe) sound that comes from the engine bay. There is plenty of power steering fluid and the steering does not...
  3. Suspension
    how common would a worn steering rack be on a car thats 62,000 miles ? I'm asking because i got an alignment (several actually) recently, but my steering wheel feels kind of loose and the car will pull to the right when i center the steering wheel. My alignment specs should not be causing any...
  4. Suspension
    what would cause the car to shift to the left even though i got an alignment two months ago and i havent hit any curbs or potholes since? my steering also feels looser than normal and has a lot of play when i am driving fast. the steering wheel does not vibrate though. I had my mechanic look at...
  5. Mechanical Problems
    I've searched here, other forums, and Google and couldn't seem to find my answer. What are my options if I purchase a DC5/RSX/EP3 steering wheel w/o the airbag? Is it a lost cause? How do I fix the cover? Can I use my EX airbag? Thank you for any assistance!:tup:
  6. General Talk
    I tried searching and couldn't really come up with anything; also, that "check if already posted button is clever". Anyways I was wondering if anyone knew if an 8th gen steering wheel would fit on a 7th gen civic? If anyone has done this can you post pics?
  7. General Talk
    i wanted to ask you guys if you think 80 bucks for an rsx steering wheel is a good price.. its in good condition and the airbag is still good.. also does it fit onto our cars.. i noe thw the ep3 and s2k does but never heard bout this one.. thanks for your help in advance
  8. General Talk
    i wanna put one on but dont know about the cruise controls where have you guys put them? i was thinking about wiring up some new push button swithes on the dash.. any thoughts?
  9. Interior
    I did not make this DIY I stole it!!! But I will be attempting it soon Credit for making this DIY should go to SPUDZ904 on Alright, when my steering wheel became so worn that every time I drove my car I would have to wash the leather off my hands I realized it was time for a...
  10. General Talk
    Just want to know if any 1 has changed a steering wheel to a non airbag 1. if so what boss kit did they use???
  11. Suspension
    I already know that i need an alignment but cant find a place that does lowered cars. Until then, is there any correlation between how far your tie rod ends are turned in and how straight your steering wheel is? I just installed inverted tie rod ends and my wheel is cocked to the right pretty...
  12. General Talk
    where can i buy a decal or something to replace my honda emblem on my steering to a red honda emblem?
  13. General Talk
    i got a rsx type s steering wheel and im wondering where i can get a H logo for it? the one on my ES is to big... any ideas?
  14. General Talk
    I'm thinking about getting an aftermarket steering wheel with quick release. My question is... Is it safe to run an aftermarket steering wheel with the QR even though it doesn't have an airbag? Is the seat belt enough? Thanks in advance!
  15. Mechanical Problems
    ok everyone i need some help here from everyone i am trying to convert my power steering system in to a non power steering system i am trying to make a manual rack out of my civic. has any one out there done this or has any ideas on how to do this. i autocross race with my civic and i am have...
  16. Mechanical Problems
    So check this out. i got off work and started my car and it was hella hard to turn .... when i accelerate it is easier to turn. I thought i was low on power steering fluid but i am good. i have a 2005 at 80,000 miles. Im not leaking fluid... help me... please!!!
  17. General Talk
    what do you guys think about this steering wheel? yeah or no?
  18. General Talk
    I have encountered a problem with my new wheel.. The Airbag connector from the airbag wont fit the connecter from the car.. The one on the airbag has got 4 wires, and the car got 2 wires.. Pictures: What to do???
  19. General Talk
    Can the fit our em2?? ep3 does....thx
  20. Interior
    This DIY is pretty self explanatory and takes about 10-30 min tops. I read the other DIYs, but they either used a different size tools or included unecessary steps, so i decided to write a simplified version. Tools needed: T25/T30 socket (01-02 uses the T25 and 03-05 uses the T30) 19mm socket...
1-20 of 27 Results