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    well since noone has started one yet wondering what you guys thought of it if you saw it..... post on
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    Storm Trooper Trades In Speeder Bike For Something A Little More Agile It appears as though the Imperial Army has turned in their speeder bikes for something a little more agile as evidenced by this Imperial Storm Trooper caught driving a white Lotus Exige. More below. Link...
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    Ronaldinho Is Desperately Seeking A Wife, Proposes To Swedish Soccer Player Johanna Almgren Swedish soccer player Johanna Almgren was minded her own business at the Olympics when something out of a Star Wars trilogy came bustling towards her, eyes glazed over and panting. It was Brazil’s...
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    Muscular whippet dog from Central Saanich is Internet star Owner juggling international media attention and even an offer of a role for pet in sci-fi series Kim Westad, Times Colonist Published: Thursday, July 12, 2007 Big Wendy the muscular whippet has become an international dog...
1-4 of 4 Results