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  1. Canada
    Yao guys, I need the help of those who seem to be finding deals on parts. Seems I neeed to replace my driver side belt buckle. It's causing the car to give the SRS Light. I reset the light but once I wiggle my belt buckle, it comes back on. So if anyone can help me find people who are parting...
  2. Mechanical Problems
    Ok so first off if you have an engine code or CEL/MIL advancded auto parts or Autozone will read it for free if you bring it to them. Now for ABS MIL and SRS(last I checked this trick worked for the srs codes to) codes those are a little bit trickier to pull cause they do not show up on the...
  3. Mechanical Problems
    i dont know if anyone else has had this problem but my srs light in the dash and the airbag light keep turning on and off randomly ever since i got the car about 2 years ago. what is it
  4. Electrical
    does anyone noe where the srs unit is located in our cars?? ive searched everywhere and havent gotten an anser..
  5. Mechanical Problems
    can anyone please tell me what srs is its on i have a 2002 honda civic ex thanks htown boss
  6. Electrical
    How's everyone? I need some help, my srs light came on while I was driving yesterday and still has not gone away, does anyone know how to check this or how to reset the light? I honestly do not care if I have an airbag or not I just want the light off.
  7. General Talk
    I'm thinking of replacing my drivers seat with something a little more upscale. I might do the passenger at the same time if I can find a set for cheap (under $500, used of course). Got a few questions. Car is a 2003 Civic SI (Canadian SI, US DX?, EX?) Car does have SRS and ABS. Here goes...
  8. General Talk
    ok so i need to know if the EP3 will work with the OEM SRS harness or if i have to swap out the OEM brackets.
  9. Electrical
    i want to install some after market seats in my 05 ex. is there going to be a promblem with the srs if i mess with the seatbelts and can i keep the seatbelts with aftermarket seats. or if i go to a harness what can i do ? any help would be great. thanks !!
  10. Mechanical Problems
    I just had some body and suspension work done on my car. The mecanic mentioned to me that he might have damaged my rear driver side ABS sensor when he was removing the old suspension, the rest of the bodywork was all paneling but when I got my car back, the little man with the air bag light was...
  11. Electrical
    hello ever sence I removed the seats to clean the carpet my SRS light seems to never go away. isnt there a way to stop it from showing? other than removing the light bulb.
1-11 of 12 Results