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  1. Suspension
    Hi all, I just purchased my first civic with 122k miles. It however needs some work. The previous owner put a bad spring kit on it without camber adjustments and due to my location I need my car back up at stock height. The roads are terrible here. These are my priorities: Stock height, please...
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  3. Suspension
    Hey everyone. Couple of my buddies have kinda given me some advice already but I want to ask the Honda world for some help. I'm looking to lowering my car but I do NOT want to go extreme. I live in Florida where it rains a lot and floods some times. I do not want to be super low and all that...
  4. General Talk
    Had all of this typed out already and it vanished, so here is an impatient second attempt! Hey Guys, its been awhile since i was on here, alot has happened in the last 2 years, I left the green isle of Ireland and moved to Australia in Feb 2011, its been good and I'm not out of my time here...
  5. General Talk
    Does anybody have any ideas or know of any place that offers lowering springs and/or coilovers at a good price for the EM2? thanks peeps
  6. Suspension
    found them brand new for $100. i tried to search bout them but i couldn't find any sample pictures or info. So my questions are how are they? Do they sag?? Will I need a camber kit and will I NEED to buy shocks too?
  7. Suspension
    So my friend wrecked his 98 civic.... will his springs fit in my car? will any other parts fit? Please and thankyou ^_^
  8. Suspension
  9. Suspension
    I've got 150k on my 02 Civic Lx. My suspension knowledge is '0'. Looking to drop 1 to 1.5 inches (max), decrease that prominant giant wheel well distance. From what ever I've read so far, Tien's H Tech seem to be the best for my application. I also would not need the camber kit with the drop...
  10. Suspension
    Hey Guys, I have a 05 Sedan, And as u all know they have the tendency of sagging like crazy from the back. So I wanted to do things properly and bought Tokico Blues. Now I need really good springs. People have told me Eibach Sportline is the best setup for blues because it will not sag. My...
  11. Suspension
    i have a set of tenzo-r springs that that leave a 2finger gap in the front. i recently looked up pics of GC sleeves and the sleeve looks bigger than the gap between the bottom spring seat and the top mount of my suspension now. does the GC springs really compress because i cant see how it would...
  12. Suspension
    so i was looking at eibach pro kit springs on and on the information about it, it says: - Stop Quicker, Corner Faster and get Better MPG i would understand the handling parts but does aftermarket springs help save gas? if it does then how?
  13. Suspension
    Hey yall, I'm need to drop my car baadly, but I have a 05 Sedan and they all sags like shit from the back on a springs setup. EM2s can handle it very well. So came across someone locally selling the whole package deal of new DropZone Racing Struts, Shocks, & Springs for a very cheap price...
  14. Suspension
    i have s-techs right now and they are not low enought for me i have heard that progress makes the lowest ones. can i run the oem struts with them or get blues/ yellows?
  15. Suspension
    alright i have been searching for over an hour now and i cant find the thread that had all the rsx suspension parts that fit an em2. so my question is will rsx lowerin springs fit an em2?
  16. Introduce Yourself
    Hi guys My name is Cody James I live in Colorado Springs,Colorado. I love my car em2 I am getting K20a type r or k20 reg engine swap into my car. turbo or nitrous. lets me know about em2 stuff and engine things. I heard this website is help lot to people on em2. I like to help eachother :)
  17. Suspension
    i have these installed and the front of my car is dropped about 2 fingers which is higher than my rear and my rears are rubbing against the fenders. These springs were said to be 1.8 drop all around. i kept the stock bump stop on for the two fronts, could that have made the height difference...
  18. Suspension
    Can someone verfiy that there is no difference besides spring rates i.e Neuspeed has sedan and coupe The only real difference lies in spring rates. Correct? Meaning they will install flawlessly.
  19. Suspension
    hi first of all excuse my bad english.i had B&G springs with oem i bought KYB shocks and installed them.the problem is that the driver site is about 0,4inch lower (1finger gap)than the passenger site.what can it be?? the shocks are brand new!!!
1-19 of 62 Results