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  1. Members Rides,6001.html Need some help. Posting here for a quicker response. Heard these are good to put on my TEIN Basis Coilovers to help with the binding/clunking issue. It comes with the Bearing and 2 washers for each Coil. My...
  2. Videos & Other Media
    Local car club/ forum annual Spring cruise. The weather was shitty so the turnout wasn't the greatest... rS8KZNWuKzA
  3. Mechanical Problems
    So say theoretically someone were to open the clock spring that has the srs reel shenanigan, would it be ok if they just re-packed the reel and stuck the steering wheel back on?? :ugh:
  4. Suspension
    I've been trying to find what everyone really recommends for suspension, but everything is so scatterd: From what I can gather, I am leaning towards tokico d-spec's with eibach sportlines, w/ksport advanced pillowmounts I was originally looking at the d-spec kit with Tokico springs with...
  5. Suspension
    Anyone have the tokico shock and spring combo on a sedan with 18's? if so let me know. Tried searching around but no luck. If you have them please post pics and feedback thanks.
  6. Auto-X / Track / Road Course Video I made from this Spring season.
  7. Suspension
    anyone have an idea as to how to un-sieze spring seats on a set of coilovers. for those of you that don't know i mean the perch the spring sits on that you turn either way to raise or lower the car.
  8. Events
    I have not been to this or know too much about it but I found the flyer. I will probably be at this if anyone else wants to stop by. Says they have a dyno and food and such. Just read they had over 2,000 cars last year. Thats pretty big for a local meet.
  9. Suspension
    I'm thinking of buy some Ksport spring for $70, are they any good? And if any one has them, how do they ride? :dunno:
  10. Suspension
    a couple weeks ago my girl bought me some tein stech today after work i decided to install first i wasn't sure if i wanted to install them with out new shocks but then i thought about it and decided i would so i could decided if i wanted to keep the drop or go for more of...
  11. Members Rides
    Took these on my way home from the local Auto-X event the other day and I just got around to uploading them. My headlight decided to fog up that day for no apparent reason, hasn't done it since. My car is nearly finished, just a few small things I want to do and I'm all set. It...
  12. General Talk
    so about a month ago i was driving down the free way and i hear a loud pop from my trunk, so i pulled over to see what happened. it turns out that the center braket the hold the spring bars in place got riped out of where it was welded.. and today the rattling of the two bars finally drove me...
  13. Photography Contest
    Subject: Hello Spring! Now that the Weather is cleared up, take a picture that reminds you of Spring! Rules as follows: 1) Contest is open to all members & moderators of 7thgenhonda. 2) Only one entry is allowed per participant. 3) Once the entry has been submitted no resubmits will...
  14. Suspension
    Im buying some D2's and I was wondering what spring rates to go for. I got a coupe that is solely a daily driver. I got a daughter due in a couple months, so some comfort would be nice. I know the lower the spring rate, the softer it is and all that. Just wondering if anyone with D2's could...
  15. Suspension
    I have a 2004 Canadian Si Sedan and while hunting for some lowering springs to match a set of tokico blues I noticed that they all have much higher spring rates in the rear (Progress: 145/350Lbs/in, S.Tech: 157/291Lbs/in, etc....). I done a few searches on some forums and was still left...
  16. Suspension
    Well i found a set of H&R springs for sale off of a 01 civic....The question is will they fit my car and is there anything else that would need to be done for alignment purposes? My car is a 05 lx coupe the springs are suppose to be 1.3 front and rear.....
  17. Suspension
    got my new springs in last night so i started to put them in today got the fronts in no problems at all nice and esay. But then i started on the rear and the bolt on the bottom of the strut just wont come loss i tryed my braker then i tryed with a bar on the end on the braker bar i just cant...
  18. Suspension
    Girl on CL has Eibach Sprotlines for $125 - think I am gonna give her $100 and a dirty sanchez and be done w/ her - but they are for an 01 coupe. Real quick everyone, just want to make sure these will fit my 04 sedan, and if anyone has these let me see how they look. i don't want it to ride...
  19. Suspension
    I just installed some Neuspeed Sport Springs, and while checking for front clearance by turning the wheel i noticed the springs turn as well. Is this normal?
1-19 of 43 Results