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  1. West
    Hey Guys for everyone goin to the may 24th meet we will roll out together if u all want just lets get a list and a location! 1. Victor-Spoon ES2
  2. Members Rides
    I finally got the car cleaned yesterday. I thought it would be funny to take pictures at the same spot, but with a different look compared to last year. Enjoy :x: (Old picture) (Recent)
  3. Members Rides
    i'm really liking how i've been spotting new locations for shoots in town! this was today too, so no worries about them being too dark like the last shoot haha. you can see the mudguards better, which i rattle-canned gloss black, and i also painted my lugs red. no borders or anything, but...
  4. Canada
  5. General Talk
    I heard this on the news today. Not really any surprise but what do you guys think of it? I think that its good for the US, but bad for Detroit. Toyota will probably build even more plants here which will bring jobs, but Detroit will loose jobs and be in even worse of an economic state then...
1-5 of 5 Results