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  1. Non-Auto Parts Section
    I'd rather have no spoiler. Want mine? Live in new England but flexible about meet up location. '04 red civic, good shape with minor scratches, will add pix later today.
  2. Dont know where to post?
    does anybody know the dimensions of the hybrid spoiler like the height and the angle that it is at? I'm trying to make my own and I can guess from pictures but I can't find anything on how big it actually is. many thanks
  3. General Talk
    So this is the 2nd time 3m tape has failed me when i'm trying to put on my tsunami roof spoiler. i've done the necessary prep work [clean car, rubbing alchohol] and it sticks really good for the first week but after that, it's downhill. any suggestions?
  4. General Talk
    for those who have it, what type of material did u use to put it on the car? just 3M double side tape? on the bottom of mine, its not completely flat so im afraid it might fly off on the freeway or something, did u guys sand it down a lil so its completely flat before applying the DS tape...
  5. General Talk
    i remember i saw a car on here with them were can i get them in RR thanks in advance
  6. General Talk
    Anyway just decided to start this thread, not sure how long it will last but post your pics of spoilers on EM2's that made you say "WTF???!!" I'll start off by introducing an STI CIVIC !
  7. General Talk
    Hey guys I am thinking about getting one, does anyone have any recommendations as far as a good brand that they have been happy with? Thx
  8. Electrical
    were can i find the LED light for my rear spoiler (2004 ex) i went to my honda dealership and they told me 115$ and i said HELL NO so is there site that sells it for cheap???
  9. General Talk
    does anyone know where i can find the rear window spoiler?? i found it on ebay but it runs for about 250..does anyone know where i can find it cheaper??
  10. General Talk
  11. General Talk anyone got this? i wanna get it, but wondering if it would clash with my fiji blue 2dr
  12. General Talk
    im looking for the spoilers for 04-05 coupes that look like its attached to the trunk ? i dont know how to explain but it gives a real clean look, anyone by any chance know where i can get it ? i was thinking about getting this but it looks kinda weird...
  13. General Talk
    well my car is 5 years old...but I couldnt take the rattling anymore from the I remove the led brake light...2 find this btw brakelight hasnt worked since I owned it I just took some epoxy and sealed it back man...thats haggard
  14. General Talk
    Recently I took my OEM Ex spoiler off because the clear was pealing and had some solvent pop in it...I was a little curious to see how it looke without the wing as well so I was like "Fuck it! It's coming off!!!"...LOL Anyways, Here's my question...I know there's places out there where I can...
  15. General Talk found it on ebay if anyone with an es1 want this
  16. Members Rides
    I want a roof spoiler on my nesxt civic sedan 2001-2003mod. do the spoilers on cupe fit the 4-door? anyone knpe any manufacturs that made roof spoilers on civics? maby it`s kind of Germen car look, but I realy like it. I love clean styling. less is better
  17. General Talk
    Has anyone seen a spoiler that looks better than the stock one without being too ricey? I want a different one than what most people have but nothing like the Supra or STi. Any ideas? Thanks
  18. General Talk
    i was looking for a roof spoiler and wanna know if anyone knows if the em1 civic's roof spolier fits on our car thanks guys
  19. Members Rides
    Just like the title says, I'm thinkin about taking it off, just wanted to know what y'all thought. I think it looks cleaner without it, but it kinda looks sporty with I'm really not sure but I'm leaning towards taking it off. Just for reference, here's a pic...
1-20 of 23 Results