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  1. Mechanical Problems
    I have 2 Civics going to shit right now. My first, is 02 Ex 4door, speedometer just went out and i have a weird clicking noise in the lower left side of the engine. Had some ideas that it might be timing belt not sure. As for speedometer, I can do a little searching for that one. Second, 01...
  2. Electrical Is there a difference between a 2 dr and a 4 dr cluster? This particular cluster comes from an LX and mine is an EX will that make...
  3. General Talk
    has any one had any problems with their speedometers. i have a 05 dx, at times the speedometer will drop from about 70 to 45 then jump back to 70. its been doin this off and on for about a year and i just havent had time to get it checked out now it is doing it more frequently. is there a recall...
1-3 of 3 Results