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  1. Suspension
    So I got an alignment after installing brand new tires and I notice that when I'm driving on the freeway at high speed, my steering wheel starts to vibrate a bit. Is that normal or is there something wrong? Anyways, I attached a printout of the specs. I also notice that on the printout, the rear...
  2. Suspension
    Ok before i begin please do not flood my thread with "lower tie bar dont do shit except looks" "your newb negative 1point for you" lol I know the lower tie bar doesn't do anything without all other suspension components, but i got one for free and the look is dmn nice under there.Thanks for help...
  3. General Talk
    Is there a thread with the torque specs of the engine bay in this forum already? If so where. I have a really bad headache and i dont wanna use "THE SEARCH" button
  4. Basic Performance
    what are the torque specs for the 7 bolts? 2 bolts at the cat 3 bolts at the midpipe 2 bolts at the muffler
1-4 of 4 Results