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  1. Suspension
    Wuts up guys, I have come to the point where I am tired of my crappy ghetto rigged sleeve coilovers and need something new.. The ride quality is jus pure crap and the shocks are blown to hell. I saw these Tokicos at a local shop...
  2. Suspension
    hello, i hav stock suspension and i wanted to lower my em2. has any one ever tryed d spec shocks and struts and tein ss springs? how well dose it work? is there a better option with out getting coilovers? thanx Jason
  3. Basic Performance
    i just got my exhaust in today ill post some picks up in a lil bit. i lost my donut gasket that goes between the resonator and muffler so i gotta go buy another one.
  4. Basic Performance
    Hey guys, I made a sound video for the Buddy Club Pro Spec exhaust system. I have many different point of views in the video: right behind the car, in car, and drive by's. I hope this video is helpful for everyone, and especially for the people who are interested in buying this great exhaust...
  5. Basic Performance
    I know SPEC makes clutches for us. My friend uses them for his rb swapped 240 and tells me he really likes his. Anyone else hear about spec clutches?
1-5 of 6 Results