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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Hey guys, I'm new to the 7th Gen site. Just to tell a bit about myself I'm a current college student studying Mechanical Engineering. I'm the proud owner of a 2002 Civic Lx I bought used off CL. It's actually my first car I bought and registered in my name, so it's a really big step in my life...
  2. Electrical
    UPDATE: The cause of the problem was I didn't slow charge the cap, I didn't put the resistor in. We now know why I have the problem, we only need to find the problem! Please let me begin by saying EVERYTHING in my system has been either changed or replaced. I had this kickass system, it...
  3. Electrical
    Hey guys, those of you who have component speakers installed on the front doors. Where and how did you mount the crossover boxes that come with the component speakers?
  4. Electrical
    Hey for those of you have already installed component speakers into your car, what size speaker wires are you running? I was going to just buy 12AWG speaker wire from 50ft...
  5. Electrical
    Well, i've been told we can fit 5 1/4" and 6.5" speakers in our doors, and was wondering what would be best? Also, someone told me i'd need an adapter, and I don't know what that is or means, i've read something about maybe needing spacers? I just ordered some Infinity Kappa's 3-way 6x9s and...
  6. South
    Hey guys, I was talking to somebody on here about installing rear speakers for me but I lost all PM's and was wondering if that person would post up. But if you aren't him and you also install speakers let me know what deal you can hook me up with. I just need a pair of rear 6x9's installed, I...
  7. Electrical
    I was so pissed at how fucked our car was to install front speaker(spacer,adpater plate wierd fucking connecting end) So i searched for shallow front speakers and scraped the 269 dollar alpines(they werent going to fit i thinks) for amazing bestbuy find of 180watt4ohm pioneers 39$!!!(took pic of...
  8. Electrical
    hey im replacing my rear speakers. As a temp. fix before I get different harnesses, should I wire the red speaker line (bigger prone) to my colorful/blue/yellow wire and the black to the single colored tan or green ( im colorblind) wire? my driver side has a black/blue and a white/blue wire...
  9. Electrical
    for an 01 coupe? would a replacement 6 by 9 at 74mm fit? and whered u guys put ur crossovers for the front speakers and tweeters? glove box?
  10. Electrical
    if my stock rear speakers were blown, would they still play?? Just trying to narrow things down.....I thought speakers would just crackle and pop if they were blown....:shrug:
  11. Electrical
    i need help with removing the back panel, thanks
  12. Electrical
    whats the front door speaker size in the 03 coupe?
  13. Electrical
    i got 6*9 pioneers in the back and they're not working, all the wires r hooked up right and the conectors look fine, fuses r not blown, have no clue, the door speakers r working fine, any ideas???
  14. Electrical
    What is the best front and rear speakers??? I need ones that could sound real nice and handle enough power..I have a interfire 700W I think..I currently have crystal in front and xplode in rear the cheap ones and they are dead sounds please give me some advices on a good treble...
  15. Electrical
    hey guys, I know its probably been done 100 times but I cant seem to find a good DIY help for installing front speakers in an 05 coupe. Im looking to install Polks but I dont know what size will fit because of the top mount depth and the magnet size. Can any one help? thanks
  16. Electrical
    I'm currently planning to buy the CDT EF61 components, but the mounting depth for these are 2.75". Our cars have a 2" mounting depth and guy on 7thgen did a diy with a 3/4" spacer and worked fine for him. so if i do the same with a lil extra, i think i'll barely be able to clear the magenets...
1-16 of 16 Results