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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Does anyone make perfomance coils for the d17 a1??:eek3:
  2. Basic Performance
    I work at Oreilly Auto Parts here in Saint Louis, MO and we now sell E3 Diamondfire spark plugs. Has anyone had experience with these in the d17a2 engine? Watching powerblock on sundays that seems to be the new spark plug of choice. I am looking for all thoughts and opinions, they are like 6 bux...
  3. General Talk
    Well.. I got tired of my crappy paint job a while back on my spark plug cover as shown below.. So0o0o0o I decided to change it up a bit, I decided to wrap my cover in c/f ! The picture below is just the actual wrapping, it's not hardned yet, just the cloth around it and glue to the back of...
  4. Engine & Transmission
    Ok I've been asked to do a write up on removing the spark plugs. This is a very straight forward DIY but is something that is good to know how to do. Your spark plugs can tell you alot about how your engine is running. Tools Required: socket wrench 8mm socket 5/8" spark plug socket 6" or...
  5. Mechanical Problems
    Today I went out and bought some NGK G-power plugs for my 2003 EX. I am going to finish off my stock plugs with 140,000 km's on them. The arc part is all white, should I just swap them now? And as goofy as it sounds, i just take old plugs out, drop new one in, tighten by hand till its snug...
  6. Electrical
    i no theres threads bout these, but what is the single best spark plugs for a non turbo car
  7. Electrical
    has anyone used these new pulstar plugs i was wondering if they are actually any good or if its just a waiste of money:domo:
  8. Basic Performance
    This question probably goes in along with that whole ignition thread with the MSD ignition. I opend my big helm's manual to see what plugs go into my car, I gave oreillys my part number and got my platinum NGK plugs for my 01 civic. Now would i be better off and notice some difference with some...
  9. General Talk
    whats up fellow turbo heads ...whats the best spark plugs for a turboed car ....:coolrr::tup:
  10. Electrical
    i need new spark plugs for my 04 civic ex...i have platinum's right now but would like to buy some better ones..anybody have suggestions for some good spark plugs?
  11. Basic Performance
    anyone know what the best spark plugs are to use for us em2's ? my friend told me that some have a gap size and stuff but i thought they were universal ? so yeah ... best spark plugs anyone ?
  12. Basic Performance
    Ok my EM2 is creeping on 100k...well I'm at 92k so I'm thinking it's time for new plugs. And as any hondaphile putting some fresh stockers in just won't do. What plugs should i go for. I was thinking NGK iridiums. I feel that the Denso's are over priced. So what have you guys been using...
1-12 of 12 Results