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  1. Basic Performance
    which you you rather choose?
  2. Mid West
    I got an EP3 so Im just really really trying to get rid of this stuff. DX/LX AEM V2 - $70 comes with a newer dryflow filter, probably around 3k on the filter 30k on the intake EX Greddy Sp2 - $170 no gaskets but I also have the Tanabe dx/lx adaptor that I'll throw in for free. IDC if you need...
  3. Basic Performance
    what are the torque specs for the 7 bolts? 2 bolts at the cat 3 bolts at the midpipe 2 bolts at the muffler
  4. Members Rides
    i will do a full photoshoot sometime next week
  5. Videos & Other Media
    Here it is. best deal for 163$ lol. =) I'm impressed but the only thing im worried about is how its louder then the World sport i had on my accord. I just hope i don't get pulled over. But i love the sound though =) Ill have better pics later, This car is a work in progress.
  6. Basic Performance
    So yeah I was bored looking for shit for my 02 civic and I went to car domain just for the hell of it. I saw they were selling exhaust systems and I saw they had the greddy Sp2 catback for 163 on sale. Im like holy shit, a 600ish$ exhaust for 163? shit i payed 430 for my apexi WS for my accord...
1-6 of 6 Results