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  1. Introduce Yourself
    hey everyone Im Danny from the states and i recently got an Em2 im trying to build it up but i don't really know much , my budget is limited since im only 17. But here she is now, this was today (: <3
  2. General Talk
    Now that my headgasket has gone my next question is where to go from here.. Do i move to a bigger and better engine like 2L Or keeping my SOHC and just doing everything i can to it.. Will the SOHC engine run well with a properly installed turbo? I just dont want to keep the stk engine if my...
  3. Videos & Other Media
  4. Videos & Other Media
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  5. General Talk
    i feel like putting a sticker on my vic...what do you guys think about this one?? or this one?...and put ES1
1-5 of 5 Results