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  1. West
    It was a 1 day trip with Anthony(hondarules) and Bis to pick up some car parts in socal huntington beach, anthony scraped so many times on our way there and back, it was epic LOL it was fun chillin with you guys :tup: here are some of the pics. Excuse me for the quality on some of them...
  2. West
    Hey everyone. Thinking about heading out to cali for a little while this summer. Should be going to Tennesee for IA but may not now. I've never been to California, but I've always wanted to visit. Just thought I throw it out there. Open for ideas, places to stay, things to do, just let me know...
  3. West
    me and cleverem2 decided that we were going to meet up and do a trade for my wing, and we got to thinking, why not invite all so cals to join us, hang, look at eachothers rides, and have fun hows that sound weve decided next thursday, june 11, 2009 we are going to meet up at about 3pm...
  4. West
    Whats up So-Cal peeps. :wave: I'm thinking about moving down to San Diego between August and Spetember. I have a place to live with my buddy, but i dont have a job down there. Any of you guys have any info on jobs in San Diego or near the area? I'm mainly interested in working in a health...
  5. West
    I'll leave my phone number here a few days before the meet so you can contact.
  6. Members Rides
    It was a nice day out in Malibu. Sorry for some of the pictures. Enjoy!!! +/- comments welcomed! ^^^DUN DUN DUN... PS... feel free to add pics, for those of you that went to this meet! :D
  7. West I think this is like a socal wekfest, so im going. If anyone wants to go that would be cool. Im pretty sure anyone who went to wekfest this year can attest to how badass this was. So worth the drive!!! Steven you better be going with me!
  8. Members Rides
    HI guy's well I bought some Sidemarker's and I don't have the tools to install them...Can anybody help? I went to some shops and their trying to charge me 70-100 bux.,and for a guy with no job I just can't afford it. Can anybody help? Beer's I CAN afford :tup: Im in Pomona... Thank you in advance...
  9. West
    Ventura FairGrounds: California Car & Cycle Show April 5 Located at Full Grounds Sunday 10AM - 4PM $10; $5 (ages 6-12 with school i.d.) 5 & under free
  10. West
    seems like I always forget to post here. There might be some other premeet locations so check the thread often!!
  11. Introduce Yourself
    the name is will. i've always wanted to meet other em2er and glad i found this website!!:dance: i drive a 01 ex, im currently trying to black out the whole car. if you got any suggestion after i post pics let me know!!!:wave:
  12. West
    Endless USA Sale! Just received an e-mail and thought I'd give you guys a heads up Mark your Calendars!
  13. West
    I called it a "meet" because it was just cleverEm2 and I but we still had a good time and we got a chance to talk so.....Here are some pics. No crazy JDM angles for Banzaisteve, haha. (I need a drop)
  14. Events
    Tea Station 11688 South St # 101 Artesia, CA SATURDAY january 3rd Meet up: 8 PM Eat up: 9 PM (photo) shoot up: after Eat Up Add yourself if you're down 1. 2005em2 2. TeminjX 3. Toenail 4. Quijan 5. xxFantasyChickxx 6. JohnBt 7. KillZone 8. Impactsilver 9. JDMLEE 10. sleepyriceboy...
  15. Events Check it out and stop by if you can.
  16. Members Rides
    oh yeah here are the cars
  17. Members Rides
    Hey guys, i just got back from a good run on ACH. The weather was really cold and breezy up there(i only brought a light sweater :dunno:), but i got some good shots of my car and of the surrounding areas. I had the whole road to myself, all the way to the San Gabriel Canyon Rd turnoff and the...
  18. Members Rides
    end for all the pictures (56k warning)
  19. Members Rides
    johbbt's pics CSULA- Mt Wilson - and my vid
1-20 of 40 Results