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  1. North East
    What's up guys, I'm gonna be planning a trip sometime in February to do some boarding in VT. Just wanna get some input from those in the area on which place I should go. I'd prefer an area that's less busy but still gives you some good runs. I've heard some friends of mine mention Killington...
  2. Off-Topic
    Ive been renting it for the past couple years and I have decided to go ahead and buy some. I need boots, bindings, and a board. For an intermediate. Id prefer snap-in bindings, and a total of around $275. Suggestions?
  3. Off-Topic
    OK, im going to be heading out next week to go boarding. And i tried on my pants and they dont fit. I have been looking at New jackets, and pants for the past year. So i am curious as to what you guys thought of this set up. Right now, i have 686 pants and jacket, and i love there stuff. my...
1-3 of 3 Results