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    shot this for a buddy he's still working on the reverse rake and refuses to raise the rear. So he's going to frame notch the front so you can even it out. Front shot of the ES2 by luongphoto, on Flickr ES2 just hanging out by luongphoto, on Flickr ES2 rigged up the rear by luongphoto, on...
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    ok so as you all know i have a 02 ssm es2, i bought it bone stock, this is how i bought it Now for the first upgrades -BOH -pioneer ph6000 head unit -1200 watt 2 ch amp and 2 cvr 12s in vented box -fog lights -carbon fiber hood And the new upgrades this week -arospeed coilovers -si...
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    :ricer:took a couple pics at the local auto parts store.....
  4. West
    This is actually my friend's brother but I thought I'd help out a friend in need!
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    This is a question for all those that can't lift their front end of their cars by using a regular jack stand. I have a 3 ton jack stand that I use on my car. Today, was the first time I needed to jack up my car from the front, since installing my coilovers. So I take my jack and place it...
1-5 of 5 Results