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  1. Suspension
    So i got an offer to get some skunk2 basic coilovers for %230 brand new. I've heard that skunk2 is kinda shitty but i dont really care about the ride quality because i'm going to upgrade to a better setup at the end of summer. I just want to be low right now. Do you think the skunk2 basics will...
  2. For Sale/Trade
    1) $150 + shipping (reduced from $200!) OEM Brand New (*untouched*) Honda Civic 2001 - 2005 Side Skirts Fiji Blue Come with all hardware necessary These go for $450+ from the dealership.. I'm putting these up for $150 + shipping. These are untouched. Opened the box to take pictures because my...
  3. For Sale/Trade
  4. Suspension
    first of all, im not getting GCs just to clarify so dont try to persuade me haha.My question is will the Skunk2 sleeves for an EX will fit on LX suspension? on ebay, it says EX only, but the suspension should be the same...
  5. Suspension
    hey guys about to trade for a 04 civic coupe. the previous owner slammed the car on skunk2 coilover sleeves on stock shocks. i went and drove the car this weekend and its pretty low. whenever i turn the wheel i hear this loud rubbing and clanging from the front suspension. i ask him about it...
  6. Swap and Forced Induction
    i was just wondering, if the stock d16y8 intake mani can fit, then why, if so, cant the skunk2 d16y8 not fit the d17 (again, not sure if possible, just havent seen one yet)
  7. Suspension
    So i was driving my car today and my car made a really loud clicking noise when i kept driving. So i think its the springs. I found an ad on craigslist and the coilovers are 100. I have a dx and i think hes selling ex skunk2 coilovers. i looked at my car and right now its almost all the way near...
  8. Suspension
    Has anyone had any experience with these? How is the ride and are they any good? Some guy has them sitting in his garage brand new in the box and said he'd sell them to me for 200 bucks. Shoiuld I get them or no?
  9. West
    Hey Everyone, Skunk2 is going to be hosting our first ever Open House/Garage Sale with Dyno Day on Saturday November 22nd. Try to come out and bring some friends to make this turn into an annual event ;) -Food & Drinks (TBD) and Music will be provided throughout the day -Dyno Runs will be...
  10. Suspension
    Does anyone have skunk2 springs and know if they are any good? I've been looking into it for some time, I have an 05 lx, it says that it'll lower the car about 2f/2.25r(well for 01-04, for some reason they didn't list 05 on it), also does anyone know the spring rates?
  11. Suspension
    I need a little help deciding what suspension to get on my 03 em2 ex. Tein Super Street or Skunk 2 adjustable coilovers. I want better handling and a more comfortable ride of course on their website they say nothing but good things about both the price is alot different Tein at over a grand, and...
  12. General Talk
    Does anyone have a Skunk2 lower arm bar on their civic?? I wanted to know what they thought of it. thanks...
  13. Suspension
    finally got my car fixed and looking to drop my car asap. my friends tell me skunk 2 is the best for my budget. just wondering if the skunk2 pro s really go for my 02 coupe cause i checked their site and on the application page i didnt see +01 civic coils for them. while says they...
  14. Suspension
    I am a complete noob when it comes to suspension work :pisschair:. I've had a shop install my current set up; Tokico blues and Eibach Sportlines. I wanted to go lower so I bought myself a set of Skunk2 sleeved coilovers. I've read somewhere that these sleeves are compatible with any shocks...
  15. General Talk Be Part of the Skunk2 Life: The Skunk2 Video Bounty Program Skunk2 is proud to be an industry innovator by announcing the Skunk2 Video Bounty Program! Skunk2 wants your video showing how being part of the Skunk2 life isn't always only...
  16. Suspension
    hey these are pretty new...came out early this month =D probably gonna pick them up =D skunk2 products are the shiznats
  17. Suspension
    I want to buy these springs off, i want to know if they really do provide a 2-2.5" drop. Also if anyone on here has them on there car and how does is the ride?
1-17 of 21 Results