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  1. General Talk
    So I'm trying to decide whether I should go with red or black "H" emblems to replace the regular ones on my silver 2004 civic coupe. what colour do you guys think goes better with silver? Red or Black? Black -...
  2. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    im wondering if these would look good on a silver em2?? some kid wants to trade...there 16" with 205 50 16 tire size and i have a 2" drop....
  3. South
    i just saw a silver 04-05 em2 in palm bay florida delivering pizza for either dominoes or pizza hut he had rims, a drop, and lip kit im pretty sure it was front/rear/+sides but it was dark out so i could not see, his car was very clean and i was wondering if it was anyones on here...
  4. General Talk
    a while back an em2 was brought in wrecked to the shop and im the one who usally cleans it out. i found a trashbag in the trunk full of random stuff. it was a bunch of silver plated and real 19th century silver, candle holders and what not. since i clean out i keep what i find. i put it in the...
  5. General Talk
    so i heard that black rims with a blue lip looks nice on silver cars. i have a satin silver em2 and right now im on black rims with a red lip and it doesnt match. i wanna see what the blue lip looks like on our cars, anyone have an example ?
  6. General Talk
    Is there any color code or silver name so i can find not a match but close to the silver it has so i can paint the same color other plastics??!?!?!??
  7. Detailing
    Just wondering what you guys do to your silver cars to make it shiny? I have this fake impression that my car is always clean and I don't have to wash/detail it when it really is not!
1-7 of 7 Results